Blenko Glass

I forgot to mention a crucial part of our trip to West Virginia. 
Actually, I didn't forget, but I didn't want to take away anything from our wonderful visit with our families.
Blenko Glass is a company that makes beautiful pieces in Milton, WV since 1893.  If you have ever asked for a glass of water from my parents house, my house, Matt's house, Patti's house... you know the crackled and dimpled glasses first hand!  My mom was born in WV, and loves that this company makes such beautiful things from her home state.  She has slowly built up a collection over the years, and when we buy her flowers, they go in Blenko vases.  They choose beautiful colors, unique styles, and my family just loves the crackle glass they have perfected.  Also, if you watch PBS ever, they are like, always the glass company featured for the glass-blowing stuff.  Like, always featured on the DVD if you donate to PBS.  I'm sure you've seen them!
So anyways, right before we left, I asked my mom if we could go to the Blenko Glass factory.  She immediately cheered and said yes!  My dad immediately reminded her it was 40 minutes past Charleston.  She said it would be fine, and we'll just go on Friday morning as we left to head home.  He tried to convince her the store might be closed because of the holidays- she checked their online schedule and found out Friday they would be open at 8am like usual.
She was not to be dissuaded.  I may have been the one requesting the visit, but I think she was the one who wanted to go the most.
Sadly, their factory would not be producing that day, so we didn't get to see any glass-blowing, or take their factory tour.  But their shop was open!  This is a big deal, because if you've clicked on any of those links above, you'll see this is not cheap stuff.  If you go to their shop though, you get the "second quality".  Honestly, I have a hard time seeing a difference, but think of this like a factory outlet for Blenko glass- sometimes it's just backstock, other times there's some minor flaw.
I was in heaven.  I took a bunch of pictures, then as I shopped, Becky took a bunch of pictures.  The sun was right, the glass was shimmering, we were the only ones in the shop.
And I bought two of their famous water bottles and a gorgeous decanter, all for less than what I would have spent on one of those things "first quality".  Actually, I did pick out a gorgeous pitcher that was light blue and crackled and I so wanted it.  My mom asked the lady there to fill it with water to make sure there were no leaks, and sure enough, there was one.  It was so beautiful, I kind of still wanted it anyways, but I decided if I could never actually use it, I was better off without it.  Thank goodness Mom suggested that test!
If you're in the area, I highly suggest visiting.  Or order online if you're not!

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