Christmas Cookie Baking Party- 2013

Last year Mom, Becky, and I all got together to maximize our cookie baking production.  We worked out a wonderful system where we all worked together, but focused on a different baking task so that we finished 6 different kinds of baked goods (Peanut Butter Kisses, M&M cookies, Spritz Cookies, Peppermint Pattie Brownies, Fudge, and Bellybuttons) all in one evening.
Mom declared she would never tackle Christmas cookies alone again.  And why should she?!  We had a great time, ate too much raw cookie dough, and helped save her countless evenings of standing in front of an oven, rotating trays in and out.
This year we tackled only two less.  There were no Peppermint Pattie Brownies, and Mom wanted to save making her M&M cookies for when Patti and Cole could participate (they will be here the week before Christmas).  And we were still super efficient!  I made two batches of almond cookie dough for the Spritz cookies- one red, one green, and I made the peanut butter dough for the Peanut Butter Kisses!
Becky unwrapped a bunch of hershey's kisses, pressed the Spritz cookies, decorated...  Mom worked the oven and the timer and kept all the sheets moving in and out of the oven.  She also kept the sheets covered in foil, and the sink cleared (I'd blink and my spatula was clean again).
Dad was awesome enough to run out to Bertucci's and pick up some pizzas and veggies for us all for dinner!  We took a break for Jeopardy and eating, then got back to work!
 Last bit of dough gets formed into a snowman.  It's officially a tradition.
Mom got us all a new holiday tray!  This will be perfect for my little get together this week!  Thanks, Mom!
Most of the fruits of our labors!  All minus the peanut butter kisses.  Phew, we are ready for Christmas!!  Happy Holidays, everyone!
Christmas Cookie baking 2012

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