Thanksgiving Leftovers- Mashed Potatoes

Are you still trying to see the back of your refrigerator after the feast on Thursday?  I actually made out pretty well with leftovers!  Mom and Dad were headed to VA to winterize a few things there, and were not interested in taking food with them.  As the last siblings there, Becky and I got to divide up what was left!  We actually were the perfect pairing for this.  She loves stuffing, I don't.  I love mashed potatoes, she doesn't.  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  We only divided up the turkey and the corn dish.  It was super easy!
Most of it would only be around for a couple meals of leftovers.  But I had a huge gallon bag of mashed potatoes, and 3 tubes of Pillsbury crescent rolls (unbaked).  The rolls could stay in my fridge until February, I wasn't worried about them, but the mashed potatoes?  Those were going to stay around way too long if I didn't make a plan, haha.  I decided to make one of my favorite ways to eat leftover mashed potatoes, mashed-potato-cakes!

They're like pancakes made out of mashed potatoes.  Some people add an egg to help bind them, but I just heated up a bowl of mashed potatoes to make them a little more flexible, and dug right in!  I formed little palm-sized patties with my hands, flattening as much as the potatoes would let me, then carefully laid them in an oiled pan heated to a little over medium.  They get deliciously crispy and brown on the outsides, yum!  And to help you out- just let them sit in the pan until they really have some color going, otherwise they will completely break apart when you try to flip them.  But if they do break apart, just mash them back together a little and keep going, they're pretty forgiving, haha.  They're delicious with ketchup or hot sauce, or whatever you like to put on your breakfast potatoes!
I made these for breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday (after sleeping in like woah, so it was actually kind of lunch time) along with eggs cooked my over-easy-scrambled style, turkey bacon, and crescent rolls.  It was a feast!  But I really only ate that and then dinner each day, haha, so it was fine.  It's a super simple way to use up mashed potatoes, and luckily I wasn't bombarded with a whole lot of other leftovers.  Yumm!

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