Traveling for Christmas

Because my family celebrated Christmas a bit early so that we could all be together, my parents, Becky and I went on a quick road-trip to see more family!  We left Maryland on Christmas morning, and arrived in North Carolina around lunch time to see Grandpa, Uncle Rich, Aunt Janis, Ryan, and Kathleen.
After sitting in the car for hours, we took a walk around their neighborhood together!  Photoshoots were had by all.
And when we got back, Grandpa showed off his apartment over their garage, complete with pool table.  I took a bunch of pictures of the players, as well as the observers.
When you're a lefty, this set up becomes a trick shot...
Down the stairs from Grandpa's room above the garage is a quilt his grandma made.  It was definitely part of a quilting circle a long time ago.
Each square was signed by someone, this one by Jenny Cowles in March 1889- Cowles are our relatives around Amherst as well :-)
We did Christmas-y things like check out the Christmas tree.
Play the yule log station on tv, complete with carols.
And generally relax on this fine holiday.
Rich pulled out some old family videos.  We watched a lot of great ones, but Ryan was able to find this ornament on their tree still today, and posed as he did many years ago!
Christmas dinner was amazing!  Turkey, stuffing, spinach squares...  But there was also "Pineapple Casserole", which none of my family had had before.  I copied the recipe down as soon as I could and will share it with you soon. 
This was almost like a cross between bread pudding and fruit salad.  I wish I had a better explanation, but that's the best I could do!  You'll just have to wait, haha.
We also had an apple cream cheese torte to finish dinner, complete with vanilla ice cream!  I also got the recipe for this one, and will hopefully share it with you soon!
Cousin pictures.
Another walk, this time to find some Christmas lights!  These are the ones at their house, the mix of everything was really fun!
Cousin picture outside.  With lights.
Ryan is too tall for the rest of us.

One last picture before we left for West Virginia the next morning!  Mom, Dad, Grandpa, me, and Becky!
We got on the road pretty early the next morning again so we could now see some of my Mom's side of the family!  Grammie lives with Aunt Jody and Uncle Ralph in Charleston, WV.  We headed over there and on the drive found out we would also get to see Uncle Phil and Aunt Trish, my cousin Dave, my cousins Steve and Marsha, and their kids Ally, Andy, Samantha, and Erin.  I was pulled away by my dad and Uncle Ralph to check out a building I'm working on with them at work, so I failed at taking as many pictures this visit.  Also, we got really caught up in the iPhone app Heads Up.  It was really fun, and my cousins really loved it! 

Some of the girls- Erin, Ally, Becky and Samantha.
Grammie and Aunt Jody!
Erin being adorable.
We spent the night in Charleston, and headed back home to Maryland the next day.  It was a very quick trip all around, but I was so happy to see so much family for Christmas.  By the end, both Becky and I felt like we had been celebrating Christmas for weeks, haha, but I think that is awesome.  I love seeing family more often and was glad to be able to join my parents and Becky for the trip.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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