Arctic Chill

If you live pretty much anywhere in the country, you've been affected by winter weather and freezing temperatures. I hope you've stayed warm throughout though!  We're finally seeing a break here in Maryland!

We had a beautiful winter scene at my parents house when I got together with them, my Aunt Trish and Uncle Phil, and cousin Joe.  Jess and Grace stayed behind, since the snow was coming down pretty hard and why travel with a 2 month old through a snow storm when you really don't have to.
My mom served some amazing warming fare including both shrimp and chicken scampi (she knows me and Joe well enough that we won't touch the shrimp one).  She also made crab soup, which I meant to grab a bowl of after I had this plate of deliciousness, but ended up filling up too quickly!  I wasn't too downhearted (she makes the best scampi), but I'm sure the soup was amazing too.  Note to self- make this scampi and post the recipe for you guys.

Despite my many posts proclaiming my love for root vegetables, I do occasionally just need something else.  Some green.  Something crisp.  Something lighter and brighter.
I thought this fresh pasta would be perfect!  Slightly adapted from the Pioneer Woman's- I reduced down chicken stock, then added cooked diced chicken, cooked pasta, and fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes.  The spinach and cherry tomatoes were warmed by the rest of the ingredients, but not reduced to mush.  Salt and pepper to your taste, obvs.  I adored the simplicity.  The pasta kept me warm and made the dish feel hearty, but all the fresh veggies made things healthy.
And the night before the polar vortex, I decided I wanted to make my lovely vanilla bean gelato.  I can't help it, what is it about snow storms that I just want to make this?  I'm weird, man.
I made up for it the next night when I made a huge pot of chicken noodle soup and warmed some ciabatta bread to dip into it.  That sounds more like Polar Vortex food!

Hope you all are staying warm!  At this point, 30 degrees feels like a heatwave :-)


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