Michal and Brian got married!

Michal and Brian got married!  I know, the title gave that one away.  I tried my hardest to enjoy the wedding and not feel like I had to document the entire thing, but it was so adorable and so fun and so sweet, I just had to capture some of it!  Michal and Brian, you both are so perfect and amazing together, I wish you many years of happiness together!
During the ceremony, there were tears of joy.  There was circling around each other.
There were a lot of smiles!
Brian made us all tear up and also laugh during his amazingly written vows to Michal.
And Michal took us on the same emotional roller coaster with her vows.
Brian successfully broke the glass at the end of the ceremony!  (Sorry for the blur I was excited!)
And the bride and groom kissed :-)
We headed over to the Savage Mill to celebrate with dinner, drinks and a ton of dancing.
The beautiful bride and handsome groom!
Their gorgeous wedding cake.
A couple views of the winter wonderland venue :-)
Liz, Jess and I!
A lot of our crew :-)  <3 us!
Table 12 represent!  (They indulged my camera and didn't complain when I literally went around the table and asked everyone to smile)
Beautiful Jess waiting for the intros of all the bridesmaids, best men, and the bride and groom!
Paula, Jenna, Liz, and Carleen were all dancing too much for me to capture their intro well, but I think it sets the stage for our evening of dancing after :-)
Their first dance was gorgeous, obvs.
And the speeches were fantastic, heartfelt, and funny (Paula did such a great job!!).
Seth (being Seth), me and Ashley :-)
Wedding cake, bridal party flowers.  Gorgeous.
And now time for dancing.  There is always a good time for dancing!
I then participated in some amazing dancing.  I knew our group could throw down, but Brian's friends and family really represented and we all had a great time on the dance floor together :-)  There was particularly a moment when the DJ played Space Odyssey by David Bowie per Michal's request.  He was unsure anyone would dance, but she was insistent.  Our group interpretive danced like champs and the photographers were having a field day over our antics.  It was so epically amazing.  I did not document any of this dancing because I was participating too much, haha.

Then it was time for the cutting of the cake!
They cut into their cake, and fed each other nicely- no cake smashing here!
Along with the cake, there was a sundae bar.  Omg I need this at my wedding.  All the toppings you could want to choose from, alongside your cake!
And there was red velvet cake and this yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  I don't love red velvet, so I grabbed the other option.  When I got back to my seat (with my custom sundae too- oreos, reese's pieces and caramel), I took one bite of the cake and discovered bliss.  It was peanut butter cake with chocolate frosting.  So.  Perfect. So wish I had known that earlier and grabbed a bigger piece of it ;-)
I guess I took more pictures than I thought I did, but it was just such a fun time, I couldn't help it!  I had such a wonderful time, thank you Michal and Brian for letting me be a part of your special day!  I am so so happy for you guys, and can't wait for many more hang outs in the future with you both :-)


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