Wes's Baptism


This weekend, the Maryland fam headed up to NYC for Wes's baptism!  Becky, Mom, Dad and I were used to roadtripping together at this point, and everyone took their turn driving to and from NYC... where we got to see this amazing guy!! PS- You can see Patti's documentation of the day here :-)
We got there early Saturday afternoon and had some lunch at Patti and Ed's place (they took our salad orders and were awesome enough to have them ready and waiting when we got there!).  We took a walk around Central Park in the rain after that (I mean, once you're a little wet, there's no real point in turning around...)
We headed out for dinner at The Ellington, a pub 2 blocks from their place, and hung out watching football afterwards.  Relaxing, yet packed, Saturday!

On Sunday, Patti and Ed were hosting a pre-baptism party for Wes and Natalie.  Natalie, Chris and Kristina's daughter, would be baptized during the same service, and Patti and Ed were to be named her godparents.  So all the McLaughlins, Ed's parents, sister Anneke, brother Piet, his wife Liz, and their daughter Margeaux would all be coming over, as well as Chris, Kristina, Natalie, and Chris's parents who were in town for the event
Once we were all awake, Ed, Becky, and Dad took Cole to the Children's Museum to get him out of the house and out of the way.
 Wes and I had some downtime before everyone got there.
Then all those family members and friends I named started arriving!
And we all feasted!  Patti ordered bagels, fruit, and muffins, Kristina made a huge fruit salad, and my mom made her cookies. 
Mom also found the perfect beer for the baptism.  Amazing.
Dr. Patti.  Always chill even with a million things going on around her.
 I guess Wes doesn't like the piggy bank I got him, haha.
Wes holding Natalie's hand.  Adorbs.
Aunt Becky and Mr. Wes.

We arrived at their church and got everything ready (and took a few pictures...Becky took over my camera mostly!).  My mom made the gown that Wes is wearing, and Matt, Patti, Becky, Cole and I were all baptized wearing it :-)
Wes was perfect throughout the ceremony.  He sat quietly on my lap while the priest talked for a bit.  And when it was time for the water to be poured on him, he just looked a little surprised (that water was cold!), but still didn't cry.  Definitely comes from a swimmer family.
Natalie did wonderfully, and Patti and Ed were so proud to be officially named a part of her life!  
When all the official things were done, we took several group pictures by the alter.
So wonderful to see everyone for such a happy occasion!  Congrats Wes and Natalie!

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