A February Adventure

It's been a couple months, so I'm itching to visit somewhere new.  I'm headed later today to London and Oxford for a week, and then Iceland for a few days!  I'm going with Mom, Dad, Matt, and Beth, and we're all so excited!
We're not going somewhere warm, but these are places on my list that I'm excited to get to!  We'll do all things British, and hopefully see some Northern Lights on our way through Iceland.
I will take way too many pictures, and I hope I stay warm through it all.  You should see my suitcase, I'm half embarrassed, half wanting to pack more...

So I'll be gone from blogging for a bit.  I don't have an awesome Valentine's Day dessert for tomorrow (though I think some of my recent creations could fit the bill).  No more cookies and brownies staring you in the face for a week or two.  Actually maybe you're happy I'll be away for a bit...lol.

But as usual, follow me on Instagram for some awesome pictures of my adventures!

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