England and Iceland Sneak Peek

I'm back!  I'm back!  I'm back!
Oh my gosh, you guys.  It was such a whirlwind vacation.  Such a fantastic, busy, relaxing, eating a lot, walking a lot, touristy, local-y vacation.  I don't know how else to explain it, but it seemed like we did it all!
We saw London, the icon.  Changing of the guard, The Eye, Big Ben, the bridges over the Thames.  We saw London, the city where people live and work.  We took the tube, ate at recommended places from people who know, and stayed in flats in Clapham and then Islington.

We explored Oxford!  We got to know their High Street well, explored book shops, and wandered into and out of College courtyards.  We saw Blenheim Palace and wandered their grounds for hours- getting lost in mazes and hiding out under huge trees during a downpour.
We flew to Iceland and were amazed by everything.  There were geysers (The Geysir actually...), waterfalls, lava fields and glaciers.  We saw the Northern Lights, and played around with mud in the Blue Lagoon.
I cannot believe how much we packed into each and every day!  I went to bed exhausted every night, with sore feet from walking everywhere, but already excited for the next days adventure.

You would not believe how many pictures I took each day, how many stories there are to tell, and just how beautiful it all was through my lens.  I promise you will be bombarded with so many images and blog posts in the coming weeks, and I'll do my best to not forget anything but also not bore you with every stupid detail (no promises though).

Thanks for following along with my Instagram posts!  I'm sorry there weren't more pictures of Iceland, but in the extreme cold and wind, my phone decided it was done...and with 56% battery, died on me during our tour.  But that just makes Iceland that much more special when I get to the blog posts!

Hope you've enjoyed this little teaser before the main posts!

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