England and Iceland- Traveling and Day 1

This picture was just the most epically British one of the day, isn't it awesome?!
I was flying Baltimore - Toronto - Reykjavik - London.
Mom and Dad were flying Washington, Reagan - Boston - Reykjavik - London.
Matt and Beth were flying JFK - Reykjavik - London.

Somehow we all met up perfectly in Reykjavik and flew together to London!  I was the last to arrive, and even received a standing ovation when I was spotted by the others coming near our gate.  I gotta say, that is the way to travel, haha.  We got to London a little sleepy, but ready to hit the ground running!  Sadly, both Mom's and my bags were lost in transit.  Mom's arrived on Monday afternoon when we were in Oxford, and mine arrived Wednesday afternoon when we were back in London again.  It was a mess, I got frustrated a couple times enough to tears, but we both did our best to not let it affect us!  In fact, it meant less dragging our huge bags all over the UK, so that was a positive note!  So anyways, we got into more central London, dropped the bags we did have at a train station to be held until the evening, then started our tour!

Matt had planned out so many things for this entire trip.  We would essentially be in London for 2 days, Oxford for 2 days, London again for 2 days, and Iceland for 2 days!  He had found three different Airbnb places for us to stay in through London, Oxford, and London again.  He found our hotel just outside of Reykjavik.  He did what he loves best- studied maps and public transportation to establish routes and tours for each day so that we were seeing everything efficiently!  All of us couldn't thank him enough for the planning and time he put into the trip, and it made the vacation easy for the rest of us.  Especially when I was freaking out about 5 days without my bag.  So thank you once again, Matt!
So like I said, we got into London, took a train to Victoria, left bags there, and started our vacation!  Our first stop was getting something to eat.  We went to Dishoom for amazing Indian food, as recommended by one of Matt and Beth's friends.
Next up was Covent Garden Market.  It was a covered market with a ton of shops to wander into and out of, plenty of restaurants and food to pick up to eat as you walked, and entertainment by street performers and musicians.
 I don't think any of us bought anything here, but we were certainly tempted!
We found another location of Ben's Cookies, a cookie place Beth loved when she studied in Oxford.  We were still full from the Indian food and decided to wait until our Oxford leg of the trip to indulge!  Trust me you'll hear way more about these cookies later.  Also I wish I had eaten them here in Covent Market instead of waiting.  I'm definitely going to look up recipes and attempt them.
Matt then continued directing our tour and we worked our way towards Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square.  And I of course took pictures along the way, haha
We walked through Carnaby Street, a shopping street closed to cars with a deconstructed Union Jack, and green lights over one of the side streets.  You better believe I took a bunch of pictures here, haha.
We wandered towards Liberty- a store I sadly only knew because of J.Crew using their floral prints in their spring/summer collection recently.  But they had more than just floral prints you could buy!  There were chocolate rooms (yep, spent a lot of time there), beauty counters, accessories, all kinds of things!
They kept their floral motif going even in the lower level, as well as having an awesome chandelier made of lamp shades.  Adorbs.
Chocolates of all kinds.
We once again resisted buying things, despite being tempted.  At this point I was wondering if I should be buying clothes, or not buying anything because I had no where to put anything if I did...  But anyways, we headed back outside and now were headed to Harrod's!
We hopped on a double-decker and were dropped off right before it!
We were once again bombarded with everything you can imagine in a store.  We didn't even make it past the first level.  Ugh, I severely regret that honestly, but we were tired from little sleep and our flights, and we wanted to be on time to meet our Airbnb host!

We checked out their food level though- I think it's shopping Matt and Dad weren't going to hate wandering around doing.  But like I said, I wish I had seen so much more of this store!  And check out the animals made out of chocolate below.  So freaking adorable!
I did buy something here!  British tea!  Genuine Harrods tea.  Let's be honest, I'm sure there are better brands, better things to try, but I just wanted Harrods tea, haha.  So I bought English Breakfast and Earl Grey.  I'll give you a review of them soon :-)
We headed onto the underground again to head back to Victoria, grab the bags that were there, and head to our flat in Clapham where we would stay the next two nights.
We were all so excited to be in London, and somehow Matt and Dad headed to a pub after dropping off our stuff at our flat to grab a drink.  We had stayed awake and moving all day, but we definitely crashed hard that night!  Day 1 a success!  Well, minus me and mom having to borrow pajamas from Dad, hahaha.  But thanks, Dad!

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