England and Iceland- Day 2

Our second day in London was our first full day walking around the city.
We would start our day going to the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace!
Because I'm short, this was my actual view for most of the time...  Don't you feel like you were there?
But once things started happening, I managed to wiggle my way a little more to the front, and was finally able to stick my camera through the fence posts and get some better pictures!
I was a little worried I would drop my camera, and then what?!  But luckily I didn't have to worry about that.
The guards that were taking over for the day (above) and the musicians coming in (below) that would entertain us all!
They ended up playing a Billy Joel medley.  I mean, I like Billy Joel, and I'm sure they would get tired only playing British songs...  But isn't this a case where you really should be playing British bands??  Like, really?
Musicians now on their way out!
And the new guards making a pledge to protect the queen, or something.
And then it was all over, and we walked along the mall and St. James Park towards some more sights.  Here's the Victoria Memorial!
View of Buckingham Palace from the memorial.
A little wide angle lens action, haha

It was warmer in London!  And there were signs of spring all around!
A raven.
A goose.
St. James Park Lake, and some iconic things in the background!
Then we were hungry, since we got breakfast on the go on the way to Buckingham Palace.  So we found a pub and got some lunch!  Matt got a vegetarian wellington (Dad got fish and chips, which you can see in the background of Matt's food), Beth got a brie fondue, and I got steak frites.
Now that we were fortified with food, we headed to Westminster Abbey!
We took a back way to it, so we came into the complex and were exploring the interior before we got to the iconic front of the church.
We explored for awhile, but because it was a Sunday, the church was being used for services, and we weren't able to see the interior.  We got to see a lot of the rest of it though!  Once again, I was thankful for my wide angle lens, since this place was so massive!
And then we finally got around to the amazing iconic images of Westminster Abbey.
I was taking pictures of my family in this phone booth, when a local asked if she could take my picture with them.  She said she'd do it quick, before a Bobby came by and we got in trouble, haha, so I didn't attempt to squeeze in with them...
We walked over to 10 Downing Street, to see where the Prime Minister lives.
And wandered our way around, making our way to the Thames!
On the Hungerford Bridge crossing the Thames.
We had a 4pm time to go up in the Eye!
And when we finally got in, we had the perfect sunset view of the city!
We then paused for Matt to plan out how to get to our dinner destination.  I told them to not go anywhere, and ran off!  I love night/ dusk photography, and ran all over to get some quick shots of London and the river at night!
Our destination was Mangal 1 in East London.  They cook everything in the front room of the restaurant, and you pick pretty much any meat you want!  And the veggies prepared here were killer too!  It was so good, this place came recommended by a friend of Matt and Beth's again, and it was a fantastic suggestion!
I ended up getting this grilled veggie thing with Mozzarella on top, and mom got the chicken kebabs and we shared our meals!
Dad got the same as Mom, and Matt and Beth also got veggie grilled things and salads to share.
We ended the dinner with the most delicious baklava I've ever had.  It was just dripping with honey, and was so flavorful, and the perfect bites to end our amazing meal with!
On the bus back to our apartment, I took a picture of the "look left" "look right" signs on the crosswalks.  I guess Americans aren't the only ones ingrained to look the opposite direction for traffic...
Another full day came to a close!  We had more time in London coming up, but were headed to Oxford in the morning.  So excited!


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