England and Iceland - Day 3

Day three!  We woke up in London and headed to Victoria Station again to catch a bus to Oxford.  A place of learning and bicycles.
We stopped at one of the stalls there though and grabbed some apple and raspberry pasties for the journey.  It was a delicious breakfast!  One that I didn't think to photograph until it was almost gone.  Oops!
We got to Oxford and found our next Airbnb place just fine!  Our host, Martin, made us some tea and chatted with us to make us feel at home!
And then he showed us our rooms, and I was lucky enough to get this adorable top room in his house with such charm!  It was his daughters room growing up, and I loved her little touches there still.  Especially the music sheet wallpaper!
Cute little top floor to myself.
He had a menu for breakfast in the morning that he would make us :-)  And he was in a cute little rowhouse.
So we got somewhat settled, then walked into the main area of Oxford to see some history!
And we discovered there was a huge population of students biking everywhere.  It was so awesome to see so many people cycling, just leaving their bikes outside with no fear of theft, and the roads were half car/ half bike.  Awesome.
Beth was excited to show us things she recognized from her tenure here!  So we wandered a bit around :-)
This was a library she used often during her studies, with more bikes outside, obvs.
Despite being "closed to visitors", Matt talked us into Hertford College, Beth's college from when she studied here!  Their courtyard was so adorbs, and we were allowed to walk around there and their chapel.  Thanks, security guard guy for letting us in!
We found the Bridge of Sighs, which connected two of Hertford's buildings, and mimics the bridge in Venice.
After some architecture-ness, we were ready for the covered market!  This is where Beth always got milkshakes (too cold for me!) and Ben's Cookies!  But there were so many things to eat and buy!
Ben's Cookies.  They are constantly baking fresh batches, so they're always warm, melty, delicious.  They're puffy, with crispy outsides, and cakey insides that (usually) surround huge chunks of chocolate.  Well, I usually was getting cookies with chocolate in them, and they did not do little bits of chocolate, they did huge bites!  I can't speak to some of the other ones that didn't include chocolate.  I want to find some recipes online and see if I can duplicate these cookies, they were so good!
Beth also took us to this cute bookstore with so many different levels and areas to get lost in.  It was quite cute! 
It was around this time that Mom's bag arrived at our Oxford place and I kind of lost it talking to a baggage services agent.  So I probably could have taken way more pictures in there, and around Oxford, but we went and bought me some clothes so I no longer was wearing the same thing over and over.  I felt better afterwards!  And we headed to Christ Church for their Evensong!
It was a quick little service, with a lot of singing.  Beth used to sing for Evensong when she was here, so it was cool to see something she used to do!
Our evening ended at a pub, and I got my first fish and chips in England.  I'm not a huge fish fan, but fry anything and what can go wrong, lol.  It was delicious!
On our way home, Matt wanted to buy some beer to try while playing some games.  I so should have bought these G&Ts!  Instead I just took a picture, lol.
Our first day in Oxford was adorable!  The buildings were so beautiful and had so much history!  I couldn't wait to explore more the next day!


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