England and Iceland - Day 5

We spent most of the day still in Oxford, but we were headed back to London in the afternoon.
We went to the Pitt Rivers Museum, which is literally inside the University of Oxford Museum of Natural History.  Martin explained that it took him years to realize that they were considered two separate museums, not just different areas in one museum.  We would have never figured that out, so good thing he told us!

The Natural History Museum had the skeleton of a Dodo, which was pretty cool to see!  As well as your dinosaur skeletons and other Natural History Museum things.
A quick story here.  The fam separated for a bit to just wander at our leisure and I found myself in a line to enter this little booth in the middle of the Museum great space to view some glowing rocks.  I know, it sounds thrilling, but these rocks glowed on their own and you had to be in a dark area to see it!  So you best believe I was going to wait around to see what those things were about!  I entered the little area, which just had a black curtain across the entrance so people could go in and out easily.  A little boy entered right behind me, and started convincing his mom through the curtain to come in with him.  She finally agreed and joined him.  At this point he whispers, "the rocks, they are a-glowing."  Then at a normal volume, "so the danger must be growing."  Then loudly, "BUT THE ROWERS KEEP ON ROWING!"  Sadly, his mom shushed him at this point, but it made my day to hear a Willy Wonka movie quote from this adorable boy and I wished I could have heard where he was going with it after that.  It was awesome!
Anyways, we also explored the Pitt Rivers Museum!  There was a crazy intricate cape made of small bird feathers from Hawaii.  And there was a rain parka made out of seal intestine from Alaska.  Yep.
Also apparently shrunken heads are a real thing.  Terrifying.
Phew, all that talk of shrunken heads and seal intestines makes me hungry for one last stop at Ben's Cookies!
Photographed in front of Moo-Moos, the milkshake place Beth wanted us to try!  Still too cold for me to want one, but do you see just the list of chocolate candy add-ons?  There are like 4 other lists next to that one with everything you can imagine wanting to add to a milkshake.
Also, Beth found the sandwich she's told Matt about and he didn't really believe existed- a hummus and sweet corn sandwich on french bread.  I was skeptical, but I cannot even tell you how good these simple ingredients were together.  It was from a french bakery, so I'm sure the perfect baguette helped- but I think this is a very simple sandwich to recreate and enjoy back here in the states!
We explored Christ Church, which is where the Great Hall and entry stairs in Harry Potter were filmed (or at least in the first films).  We discovered we were there right around lunch time, and the students were actually using "the Great Hall" for lunch, and we couldn't enter until around 2:30pm.  So we strolled around the grounds and then grabbed lunch ourselves while we waited!
Not the future king.
I got butternut squash risotto for lunch- warm and filling to keep me going until dinner in London!
And then we were allowed to get into Christ Church and see everything!  If you recall, we were already here for Evensong on the first night in Oxford (Day 3 of the trip).  But we weren't allowed to stray much and could only get into the chapel.  This time, we could explore a lot more!
And then we walked up the stairs to Hogwarts!  Well...sorta :-)
And then we entered the Great Hall.  I felt like a little kid, haha, but I was excited to see it!
We were able to walk in, up to the headmasters table, then back down along the other side of one table.  Luckily, there was a lady telling us to look up at one of the stained glass panels, otherwise I would have completely missed this detail...  Do you see it?
(See below for clearer pictures)  In the top set of 4 panels, the left panel features Alice in the bottom corner.  The real Alice that the character was based on, is the image in the gold circle in that panel.  And Lewis Carroll's image is in the right panel in the gold circle.  In the four panels below those, the bottom corners feature characters from Alice in Wonderland- the Red Queen, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit...
I thought it was crazy clever!
Then we were back in the chapel a bit.
And again wandered the courtyard, haha
We strolled back to Martin's to pack up and head back to London.
And I caught this picture of his adorable street one more time before we left.
We split up once we were back in London- Matt, Beth and Dad dragged theirs and Mom's suitcase with them and met up with our next AirBnb host in Islington, while Mom and I caught the tube to Heathrow to go pick up my bag.  They had said they would deliver it to me, but I just knew I'd feel better going and getting it myself- especially since it took about 24 hours to get Mom's bag after we knew they had it.  I just wanted to be sure I'd actually have pajamas for the night!
And sure enough, in what felt like a Bond film plot (go downstairs in Heathrow- there will be a Costa Coffee on your right... go behind the cafe and there will be a yellow phone on the wall... dial IcelandAir and we'll find you to escort you through security), I left Heathrow with my bag.  I now felt doubly silly for overpacking in the first place, because I now had like 4 days left and soooo many clothes with me.  But I've learned my lesson for packing (and carry-ons) next time, I swear!

Mom and I took the tube back to Islington and met up with Matt, Beth, Dad and their new friend Tracy and her son in a pub to watch the Arsenal match.  Mom and I had a late dinner there and only caught the last few minutes of play, but it was a good way to end the night.

PS- when I rolled up to the pub with luggage in tow, the bouncer looked at me, looked at my bag, and asked if I was here for a sleepover.  I replied laughing, "they lost my bag on the flight here and now I'm not letting it out of my sight!"  He let me in :-)

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