England and Iceland - Day 7

The one restaurant.  In all of London.  That I really wanted to try.  Ottolenghi.  And no joke, our flat in Islington was a block away from it.
This may seem random, and you may be wondering why this was where I wanted to go.  It's part of a couple restaurants started by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi, and they seem to be having a moment.  They're all over my food podcasts (yep, I listen to cooking and food podcasts, lol), the food blogs, the trendy recipes seem to give credit back to these guys.  I just couldn't believe the good fortune of being so close to the restaurant when I was visiting!
I should have looked into going here for dinner the night before, but I knew a breakfast visit was in the works!  I was fully prepared to wake up early and go by myself, but Dad offered to go with me!  And then when I got out of the shower in the morning, Mom was awake and getting ready to join us!  I was so excited to share the visit with them!
We ordered tea, and the long communal table had several toasters and toppings for if you ordered toast for breakfast.  There was banana and some other fruit jam (I can't now remember), butter, chocolate, and nutella.  And there was sugar for your tea!

While we didn't order some of the more interesting items on the menu, we all LOVED what we ordered.  Dad got the fruit, yogurt and granola- there was like a passion-fruit sauce over the fruit, and he said the granola was really hearty and delicious with nuts in it.
I ordered the porridge with blackberries and poached plums.  It came with a little chopped nut topping, and a drizzle around the edge of something sweet and utterly perfect.  It wasn't honey, or maple syrup...  Maybe agave?  I have no idea but it was so good!
And Mom got the cinnamon sugar crusted french toast made with brioche.  It came with creme fraiche and a berry compote.  She got adventurous and started using the toppings provided for toast.  She particularly loved the chocolate spread provided :-)
 The area behind the restaurant was just so utterly British and cute.
You can buy muffins, tarts, cookies, bars, croissants, biscuits, cakes...  So many delicious things!
Right as we were leaving after our delicious meal, Matt came in to buy some things for him and Beth for breakfast.  I didn't get a taste of any of the things they bought, but I heard all good reviews!
Mom wanted a picture of her with a fire truck to send to Cole, lol
Say goodbye to our flat in Islington and it's cute little kitchen! 
And we're off to the airport!  With all the whiskey you could want, and all the Cadbury Creme Eggs you can handle.

See you later rainbow in England!
And hello Iceland!
We landed, took a bus to Reykjavik, then got on a different bus that took us straight to our hotel!
Hotel Laxnes.  It was a little outside of Reykjavik, which would help if we wanted to see Northern Lights, but also gave us some awesome mountain views :-)
Hotel assortment of books that I can't read at all.
All bundled up and ready to go to dinner!  Now do you see why I needed my bag for Iceland?  I was gonna freeze otherwise!
We walked to a sports bar nearby for dinner.  We caught the last moments of the USA/ Canada hockey game, but mostly just hung out.
Dinner was chicken with a mushroom sauce, potatoes and sweet potatoes, and a green salad.
Mom got the same thing I did, and the rest of the table got pizzas!
We had a tour in the morning to see a lot of the natural landscape of Iceland!  Jetlag might have been finally catching up with me, or I had just gotten really into my book and wanted to read some, but I went to bed pretty quickly while the others hung out and drank some Icelandic beers that Matt had picked out.

Just wait until you see tomorrow's pictures!

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