Not Quite Cookies, and other recent kitchen adventures

**Update - Click here if you want the recipe I settled on for Ben's Cookies**

I photographed them diligently from start to finish.  But when you're translating a British recipe from weights to volume (and you don't have a kitchen scale), things aren't destined to work out perfectly the first time.
I promise I will figure out Ben's Cookies (of Oxford fame) for you soon.  I'll need to buy a kitchen scale because googling weights of ingredients translated into cups is just not going to work.
They were delicious nonetheless, but I suspect there was too much flour in there.  There might have been something else that could be improved upon, but I know the flour, haha!  America's Test Kitchen did the product research for me, and this one by Oxo (affiliate link) gets their seal of approval, so I'm sure I'll order it soon because these cookies, even with too much flour, were amazing!

Otherwise, I've been a bit scatterbrained in the kitchen.  I blame the crazy March weather!  A St. Patrick's Day snowstorm is not typical for Maryland!  Usually, I'd be craving fresh veggies by the pound, banishing warm stews from my repertoire, and diligently googling recipes for the new spring produce!  Instead my kitchen holds a confusing mash-up of ingredients for comforting homemade mac&cheese, then light caprese salads.  I have a half gallon of chocolate milk next to green machine juices in my fridge.  I don't know what to make each night, and I'm not used to that!

So in honor of the confusing mash-up, I'll give you a glimpse into what I've been up to recently!
The already mentioned mac and cheese was a Joy the Baker recipe.  I didn't bake it with bread crumbs on top to finish, but I did like this a lot!  Next time I will add the cheese slowly instead of everything at once- I don't tend to like as much sauce as other people.  And I only used cheddar and gruyere, goat cheese tends to take over whatever I put it in.
I also found an awesome recipe for a mushroom ragu that looked so delicious!  I particularly loved the suggestion to mix it with orzo (a pasta I usually have on hand because of this recipe I make at least once a month with different combos of veggies in there).
Remember the breakfast pasta I just made?  Well, I was super excited to discover that I could recreate it at work for lunch in the microwave!  I packed my tupperware with the pasta and an egg, heated up the pasta for a minute, then cracked the egg on top and watched it cook until the white looked set and the yolk was still soft (ended up being about 40 seconds more).
Oh it was so good!  What a delicious lunch at work!

I've also had some amazing meals out recently.  Some arancini (best I've ever had) and fresh pizza (with cherry tomatoes and arugula on top!!) from 2 Amy's in DC.  Omg go there.
I recently discovered I like sushi!  I'm still working on being adventurous though, lol.  Gorgeous plating courtesy Sushi Sono in Columbia.
Also check out this amazing Italian Benedict I had at Paolo's in Georgetown for brunch.  <Sigh>
I have been eating very well recently, clearly, lol.  And I'll leave you with the simplest dessert you could ever make.  Mug Brownies!
Mix up a box of brownies following the instructions as given.  But once you have your mix, spoon some into a microwave-safe mug, and heat for about 40-50 seconds (depending on your microwave- mine is pretty old and I do 48 seconds, haha).  Let it cool for a couple minutes then dig in with a spoon!  It won't have the crispy top you get in an oven, but it'll be a delicious and dense brownie-cake!
And I don't mind if it's underdone, since I totally eat brownie batter by itself, so it's just a bonus, haha.  If you find yours didn't cook long enough at first, just throw it back in the microwave for a little!  I just leave the mix in the fridge and have a mug brownie after dinner for a week.  Mmmm

I'll have some amazing dessert posts for you soon!  But try the recipes I linked to!  You won't regret it!

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