I love DC

You know what I'd never done?  Gone and seen the Cherry Blossoms in bloom (or maybe I have but I was young and it clearly didn't make an impression on me).  As someone who grew up in the MD/DC area my whole life, it was always the time to stay out of the city.  Like Inauguration and the Marine Corps Marathon, it was just a case of impossible traffic and tourists who don't know to stand on the right side of the escalator and walk on the left.
Another thing I realized I'd never done, was make it to the Jefferson Memorial.  Right now you're probably wondering what I've been doing with my life up until now.
I gathered Eric, who I had also discovered hadn't ever made it to the Jefferson Memorial (but beat me to the Cherry Blossom festival) and planned a nice little Sunday outing.
There might have been wine in a water bottle.  Did I mention the tourists don't know to stand right, walk left?
There was traffic, oh goodness there was traffic.  And so many tourists.  So many people bumping into me and me bumping into them.  I wondered if I was going to make it.  But I decided this was going to be my first touristy day in DC in forever, and I never looked back!
There were no fanny packs, but there was the obligatory "pushing over the Washington Monument" picture.
As well as Washington Monument pictures in general.
Then on to the tidal basin!
I probably annoyed Eric so much, I kept stopping and taking pictures and adding to the millions of people confusion in one area, but luckily he quickly got used to this and helped whenever he could.
The Jefferson Memorial is pretty awesome!  We both decided we wanted similar "white monumental architecture with columns" as our monuments when we die (cause of course you should think about this). 
Then I ran into my friend Ron$ (Ron Money!!!) who of course, was aghast that I hadn't been to these places before, but directed us to the FDR Memorial as well.
We take it back, this is the memorial we want. 
The water, the waterfalls, the engraved stone quotes, the walking through his 4 terms of presidency, everything.  In the same theme, I quote Royal Tenenbaum, "Hell of a damn grave.  Wish it were mine."
We continued on around the Tidal Basin, and finished up at the MLK Memorial.  We made our way back to metro, and pretty much collapsed.  I later mapped our walk, and realized it was 4.75 miles.  No wonder I was so exhausted!
Thank goodness I can finally cross this off my list of things to see and do.  I'd love to go back, of course, but it's no longer eating away at me :-)

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