Jess's Baby Shower

I've known Jess since elementary school.  We went to middle school and high school together, then on to college together and randomly ended up on the same floor in our dorm, then we roomed together the next year!  It's crazy how long we've known each other, and now I get to celebrate the expansion of her and Jason's family- they're expecting a little girl in May!  Tali, Beth, and Sharon threw her an amazing baby shower this past weekend, and of course I documented it like woah, haha.

Two of the amazing hostesses and Jess!
So many pink things to go with the theme.
So much food! 
And so much love all around, obvs.
We played a version of The Price is Right- we guessed the price of each thing on the chest, then added up our total and saw how far off we were from the actual total.  I actually did pretty well, only off by $3 and some change, but someone else was closer by $2 something.  Basically I guessed $1.99 for everything baby, then way over for the Under Armour tracksuit, so it all balanced out, hahaha.
There were a million gifts for the baby (and Jess, duh).  She is definitely loved by all of us :-)
Awesome cupcake photo break!
Once all the gifts were opened, and all of us wanted pictures with Jess!  She's just absolutely glowing in all of these pictures!
 Jess's mom, Jess, and Jess's mom-in-law.  So adorable!
Thanks Tali, Beth, and Sharon for throwing Jess such a wonderful shower!

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