Banana bread grilled cheese with mascarpone, strawberries, and balsamic vinegar.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.  First, I had a couple ideas for what to do with the banana bread I just made!  I brought one loaf into my office, so they could enjoy it for breakfast.  But the other loaf I decided would be used to enter a grilled cheese contest online that I got an email about.
So I sliced one thick slice in half, half and another half again.  I had a couple combinations I wanted to try and didn't want to make huge sandwiches each time, haha.
Cream cheese with peanut butter and chocolate chips.  Mascarpone with strawberries and chocolate chips.  Mascarpone with strawberries and reduced balsamic vinegar.
 Hmm, which one will win?!  This mascarpone, strawberry and chocolate?
This classic combination of peanut butter, chocolate and banana?
Or the mascarpone, strawberry, balsamic combination?
Lightly butter a skillet, heat to medium, carefully flip.
Golden brown toasted, melty gooey cheese, chocolate, peanut butter...
Bites taken out of each one.  Which one was it?  The mascarpone, strawberry, and chocolate I expected to be my favorite, hands down.  I loved it!  The melty cheese and chocolate, the crisp strawberry slices.  But it was missing something.  It was too sweet and wasn't just right.
And the peanut butter sandwich was too too much- too sweet, too creamy, too decadent.  There wasn't another dimension to it.  It was delicious, but it could have used something more to balance it.
Well, I already gave it away in the beginning, but my favorite was the mascarpone, strawberry, balsamic combination.  The sweet bread, the melty sweet cheese, the crisp and refreshing strawberries, and the tang of the balsamic... that zing was what the other sandwiches were missing.
So now that I've experimented for you, grab two slices of banana bread and go for it!  Spread on some mascarpone love.
Layer those strawberries like a boss.
Drizzle on that balsamic and go crazy over how gorgeous this grilled cheese sandwich is.  Like, can you believe this thing?
 Ok, the time has come.  Close up this sandwich and get ready for the ultimate dessert grilled cheese.
Lightly lightly butter a pan, heated to medium, and barely butter the top bread.  Flip after a couple minutes- you want the banana bread to get toasty, and the mascarpone cheese to get oozy and melty.
Like dis!
Cut in half.
Revel in how awesome this sandwich is.  Bask in it's glory, and wish you could eat this grilled cheese sandwich all the time.
Melty and oozy in the best way possible.  The crisp outside of the banana bread, the sweetness of the bananas, strawberries and mascarpone, completely balanced by the vinegar.  The strawberries give the sandwich a crunch, or at least some substance, and makes it so much more successful than the ooey peanut butter one I tried.
This sandwich deserves it's own meal- a wonderful sweet brunch on the weekend perhaps??  Hmm??
So since you made the banana bread I posted, get going on this sandwich next!  It would also be the perfect dessert split between you and umm, whoever you are comfortable splitting desserts with!  Or don't share this with anyone, and just keep it all to yourself.  I'd totally understand.
Make some banana bread!  Make this grilled cheese sandwich!  And above all, enjoy :-)

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