Oh Baby!

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating friends and babies this past weekend!
I got to see Jon and Jess, who are expecting a baby boy at the end of July.  They were in town from the San Fran area for like 36 hours over the weekend to attend the baby shower Jon's mom was hosting in their honor.  There was fantastic food, as always, great company, and lots of laughs.  And I got to see a bunch of their good friends who came into town from as far as Boston just to see them as well!  East Coast contingent unite!  We had gotten to know each other during their wedding weekend almost 3 years ago now, and I had a blast catching up with them.
Mrs. Marker gave a wonderful speech before they opened some gifts, and we all signed a blanket for the baby.  Chris signed the best message I've ever seen ever.
"Hey baby,  Say hi to your mother for me. -Chris"

I love my friends.

And the next day was Mother's Day!  My mom was in VA with my dad and Becky for the weekend, and had said they wouldn't be back until late Sunday evening.  She assured me that we had already celebrated her birthday for a huge party recently and that she wanted nothing else.  I couldn't let that slide, so I dropped by their house and set up a vase of tulips for her, a card, and little ice cream/ cookie dough scoop (since she makes those M&M chocolate chip cookies so often!).  I felt better about not getting to see her on Mother's Day despite living within 15 minutes of her!

And then I headed over to see Jess, Jason, and new baby Layla!  Jess was wonderful enough to entrust me with taking her newborn pictures, and I was so excited to meet everyone, as well as capture her this small and adorable.

Here are a few glimpses into the amazingness to come.  Don't worry, I'll give you the full story soon!
And then, I discovered Mom, Dad and Becky would be back earlier from VA than originally thought, so we ordered some Chinese food carryout and had a wonderful chill meal together on Sunday evening.  We ended the night with some amazing cookies I made, both strawberry mascarpone (which freeze beautifully) and the new browned butter chocolate chip cookies from Joy.  I promise to post those soon, they are killer amazing!  We took a quick walk around the neighborhood after dinner, and then Becky and I headed home.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with friends, and loving families :-)

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