Optimistic Grilled Cheese

It pretended to be Spring for a second there.  This is the longest coldest winter ever!  It's like it'll never be warm again!  At this point, I'm hoping that by August I'll be complaining about the heat.  Hoping!
I'm trying to create the feeling of Spring though, so no more winter casseroles, no more pot roasts...  I grabbed a baguette, an heirloom tomato, pesto, fresh mozzarella cheese, zucchini, and arugula.  I call this Optimistic Grilled Cheese because I hope that Spring is around the corner, and that we'll be eating these fresh veggies more often than soups and stews!
I busted out my Griddler to make a grilled cheese with a bunch of veggies and mozzarella cheese.  Start by slicing your zucchini, sprinkling it with salt and pepper, and grilling it on medium-high heat until nice grill marks appear and it's slightly softened.
Slice your baguette in half.  Spread pesto on both sides of your bread.
Layer on some tomato...
 ...and arugula.
 Oh man, I'd eat this plate for dinner any day.
Anyways, now that your zucchini is nicely grilled...
 ...layer some of it on top of the mozzarella.
 Smoosh it all together!  Make sure the arugula stays on there!
 And place your sandwich right on the Griddler, where the zucchini just finished cooking.
Press down, as evenly as you can.
 And cook until the cheese is melty and amazing.
 Slice it up (neater than I managed to) and devour.
I loved how fresh this sandwich tasted.  I felt amazing after eating it, like maybe Spring would eventually come to the area!  The amounts are not exact, and the ingredients don't have to be identical, but the idea is there.  Enjoy!

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