Preakness 2014

Preakness.  Where you get dressed up to go to an amazing outdoor all-day party.
I was with these kids all day.  The classiness was off the charts.  And to quote Eric, we were on the Infield, with the poor.  But I think we brought it.

It had rained a lot the week before, but Saturday itself was perfect- not super hot, some cloud cover, no rain.  It really was extraordinary, and a wonderful way to spend a Saturday with friends :-)

Oh they got even more classy.  There were cigars.
 We got to see both Nas and Lorde perform, too!
 Eric and I tried to get a good picture, so Matt had things to say about that...
 But I think we succeeded!
The grandstands.  Where the rich people are.

PS- I did meet up with Ben, Sam, and Ian, who sat in the grandstands, but sadly have no pictures of it.  They ran into Nora and Tessa, but I didn't get to see them :-/
 Four bros just hanging out, waiting by the fence for the true race to start.
Finally a water round for everyone!
Like I said, it rained a lot the week before Preakness...
Go California Chrome!  He did end up winning, and is one race away from winning the triple crown, hot.
And then I failed as the person entrusted to get these dudes home safely.  We had to get to lightrail to get to my car, and after getting lost on our walk to lightrail, we caught a cab.  The cab driver didn't know how to get to the lightrail station *facepalm* and instead decided to just start driving while we attempted to google the address on our phones.  Unfortunately, the direction he drove in was wrong, and roads to turnaround were closed because of Preakness traffic, so we spent a lot of time lost in his cab before finally finding any lightrail station to be dropped off at.  We finally got on a train and discovered we were on the wrong line.  I might have started crying if I wasn't so tired.  Also I was getting hangry, hahaha.  Eric went to find me Reese's (candy makes things better), but the train at our transfer was arriving shortly, so I called them to come back and we got on the right train and got to my car, hooray!

Then we drove straight to Pasta Plus because seriously, I love that place and I always want to end my night there.

And then we crashed.
I cannot believe that was my first time at Preakness, I really want to go next year!  Maybe I'll hang out with the rich kids in the grandstands next time :-)

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