Homemade butter

Guys, I made butter.  Also buttermilk, but that's kind of a byproduct of making butter.  That's insane!  And it's wicked easy.  Like I did a bunch of other stuff while I was making butter, like it ain't no thang.  But it is!  And it was awesome!  And did I mention easy?  Cause it is.
Grab a quart of heavy cream.  That's it!  That's your ingredients list!
But there are some tools you'll need as well to make this successful.  I utilized my KitchenAid Mixer (with whisk attachment), a fine-mesh strainer placed over a large bowl, and doubled-over cheesecloth in the strainer.
Generally, we're gonna beat the heck outta this whipping cream.  That's what you're supposed to do with it!  But we're gonna go further than just whipped cream.  We're going to bring it up to whipped cream, then let it break.  You know how they always tell you not to whip cream for too long?  We're going to do that.  Which makes this even easier, because you can't screw it up.
Pour your cream into the bowl of a stand mixer.  To keep everything from just splattering all over, I slowly brought the mixer up to speed 6.  So for a minute or two I started on "stir", then a couple minutes on "2", then "4", then "6".  My mixer goes up to 10, just to give you a frame of reference.  I just wanted to incorporate more air each time so that I didn't make a mess.
Between each speed increase, I was just getting laundry going, setting up my strainer, doing other dishes, whatevs, like I said, it was really easy!  I checked at one point and I had achieved whipped cream, which was good!  I just let it keep going.  We're getting much closer to butter in this picture below- see how yellow it's getting?
And then I heard the change before I saw it.  It no longer just sounded like my mixer going, it sounded like things sloshing around again.  I jumped up and much to my surprise, it worked, there was butter and buttermilk in there!
At first I thought there was barely any buttermilk, but I used a quart of cream and ended up with 15 oz of butter (almost 1 lb) and 2 full cups of buttermilk.  I was so excited!  So drain your butter over a fine-mesh strainer lined with cheesecloth.  I let this sit and drain for a little while I did some other things, then I squeezed out the excess liquid.  It was oddly satisfying.
Then find something to put your butter in!  I didn't think this one through very well and just placed it into a bowl and covered it with some plastic wrap.  That works!
Butter.  Buttermilk.
Buttermilk leftover!  I got plans for this.  Just you wait, that'll be even another post!
Mmmm, melty fresh butter on warm fresh bread.  These are a few of my favorite things!
The butter perfectly complimented the Italian feast of bread, tapenade, pasta and homemade sauce.  But obviously, you can use this butter for anything you want- baked into desserts, toast, sauteing things, whatevs.
Enjoy!  And feel like a total boss when you've succeeded in making your own butter.  Woot!

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