Pancake Bites

Pancake bites are so easy it's not even funny.  I think I'll make them more often!  The crispy bottoms, soft insides, dippable quality...  They are wonderful!
I had some people over a Tuesday or so ago.  Eric, Mark and I love to watch New Girl together, but even without the show to watch (on hiatus for the summer), they love to show up and get fed.  Well, Nora had been bugging me to meet Eric, so I invited her and Becky over to join!  Pancake bites were not served at this meal (they should have been), but Becky brought an amazing fruit salad that I enjoyed during work lunches for the week!  See?  Gorgeous.
But by the time the weekend rolled around, I had some blueberries left that I thought would be glorious in pancakes.  Then I decided I needed my frying pans for eggs and potatoes, so I thought of pancake muffins instead!
Stupid easy!  I used the Bisquick recipe on the box for pancakes:
2 cups Bisquick
1 cup milk
2 eggs

Since it was just me, I halved the recipe and still had a bunch of muffins!  I made mini muffins and filled each a little too full, but no worries, things were all right in the end.  Fill about 2/3 full and add 3 blueberries to each.  When I ran out of blueberries, I added mini chocolate chips.  Cinnamon sprinkled on top would be a killer third option too.  Bake in a 350 degree oven for 10-12 minutes, until they're getting a little color on the tops.
Look at that morning light streaming in!
I made breakfast potatoes, melted some spicy monterey jack cheese with them, and added a diced avocado on top.  Scrambled eggs were placed on top all haphazard-like.
But the stars of the show were these little muffins.  I used some Williams Farm Sugarhouse Maple Syrup (a company run by my dad's cousins- I restock my supply every year at our annual family reunion) to dip these into.  It was brilliant!  And I didn't have to babysit a batch of pancakes while also handling the rest of breakfast.
If you're looking for a quick and delicious breakfast addition, make these immediately!

Enjoy :-)

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