Happy Birthday, America!  Hope you had a wonderful 4th filled with friends, family, food, relaxation, whatever it was you wanted most!  My 4th of July actually started in DC.  Eric and I were joining our friends in the Chinatown area to play in a rooftop pool, BBQ, and then stay around to watch the fireworks.
Mark was our excellent host, who also took some wonderful pictures of us on his roof, hahaha.
It finally was dark enough for the fireworks to start!!
Our view was awesome, and we could see at least 20 other towns' fireworks celebrations from where we were.  It was so cool.
We ended our evening with an impromptu game of True American in Mark's apartment.  We totally killed it, it was amazingly fun.  We half followed the rules, as set by the show New Girl, and half made them up, because honestly the show only half explains the rules.  But we totally followed the rule that THE FLOOR IS LAVA!
 And Steph made amazing cupcakes for us.  My night actually ended eating one of these :-)
Early morning DC.
Eric and I then headed to VA to join up with my parents, Patti, Ed, Wes and Cole, and Ed's parents and sister's family.  Check out Patti's pictures here (and the things we missed by being in DC for the actual 4th). 
 Cole pushed us around in a circle on the paddleboard.  Thanks, Cole!
And then everyone but Ed, Wes, and Eric headed to sharktooth beach.  It's not really called that, but it's about an hour boat ride away and we always find a ton of sharkteeth there.  It's just along some fossil line that seems to yield a ton of shark teeth, and have been going there for many years.  We think we also found some dolphin teeth!
Picture taken as we're leaving sharktooth beach!
Typical.  Wearing stripes.  Holding a camera.
On the way back, we dove off the boat and played in the deeper water of the Potomac before turning back into our creek.
We had a wonderful dinner of crabcakes, then hung out outside watching the sunset and waiting for it to be dark enough for more fireworks!
Yessssss, more fireworks!
 In typical McLaughlin celebration fashion, we had glow necklaces and bracelets.  Adorbs!
The next day I went for a run under gorgeous blue skies.
And all too soon, it was time to go home.  There was a bit of traffic, and as I pulled into my neighborhood, I had a nice sunset to welcome me home.
Happy 4th of July to everyone!  I hope you ate too much and got to relax, just like our forefathers would have wanted us to, hahaha.

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