Annapolis Food Tour

Annapolis Food Tours!  Why hadn't I done this sooner?!  Do yourself a favor, book a tour today, you'll be so happy.  (I've actually had several questions about price- the tour I went on was $55).
Nora leads food tours!  Ooooh, now you get it, that's why I took this food tour.  Correct, at first!  I didn't know there was such a thing, I didn't know they were so fun and delicious, and I didn't know how much I was missing out.  But Nora showed me the way!
We got a mix of history and a bit of a tour around Annapolis as well as amazing food!  And just so that you don't worry- when you sign up for the tour, you can specify any food allergies or aversions.  At the beginning of the tour, Nora checked again to make sure we hadn't held out.  She assured us there would be seafood, and we should speak up now!  But everyone was good to go.  She mentioned one tour they had someone who was gluten-free and they just pick a separate "tasting menu" for that specific person on the tour.  They eat different things, but it means they can enjoy each stop too.  Very cool!
Old pub where our old presidents used to drink.
Our first stop!  Relatively new (Nora said about 8 years old to the neighborhood), Red Red Wine Bar was maybe my favorite stop.  Maybe!  We had amazing meals, but I have been dreaming about the flatbread we got here, gah!
They have an amazing (and humorous) menu, and our first stop did not disappoint.
Flatbread with pears, arugula, prosciutto, goat cheese, and honey.  The goat cheese was mild but salty (reminded me of more flavorful feta); combined with the salty and crispy prosciutto, the bitter arugula, the crisp pears, the sweet honey...  it was perfection.  Utter perfection.  I've had similar combinations before, but this just nailed it.  Ben and I were sharing this flatbread and I wanted to push his hand away and finish the whole thing myself.  I knew there was so much more food coming, but this is what I still crave.
I'll need to go back there ASAP and enjoy more of their menu, I'm sure it's wonderful!
More touring, more history, more pictures.
We learned some civil rights information while standing under this Magnolia tree.  I swear I listened, but I also took lots of pictures...
Ben, me and Sam!  Nora convinced us all to take her tour together, we heckled her a lot, it was a terrible idea on her part :-)
Next stop, Harry Browne's!  A super old fixture in Annapolis, and absolutely stunning inside.  I must admit I probably won't drop by here casually, but it would be a wonderful special dinner local.
And what did we get?  Focaccia bread and dipping oil.
And pumpkin and sage filled ravioli with peas and a cream sauce.
The filling was sweet, the cream was heavy, the peas were fresh and delicious (and I hate peas) and it all added up to a few perfect bites.  Even on a hot day, I was totally into this meal!  I'm totally into the place (the zodiac globe lights were even taken from old ships) and like I said, I think this would be a gorgeous "special dinner out" location.  Saving this information for later!
More touring around neighborhoods. 
In this neighborhood, (below pictures) a guy walked by me holding a zucchini the size of his arm.  I couldn't resist, I said "Nice zucchini" as he walked by, and his response was "Thanks!  I just picked it!"  He was totally a Johnnie and I could not stop laughing, also making this other couple on our tour crack up.  Nora again wondered why she invited her friends on the tour...
Nora also told us ghost stories from some of the old houses.
For our third stop, we went to Middleton Tavern!  A total fixture on Dock Street right near the water in Annapolis.
There was an oyster shooter and a shot of Natty Boh to wash it down.  I have to admit I was disappointed with this stop.  I don't like horseradish or cocktail sauce, which had already been added to our oysters, so I didn't get to eat this one.  I had the beer, and gave the oysters to Ben instead.  I like oysters, so I wish we had the option of adding our own flavoring on top (a dash or two of hot sauce for me!).  But I understand why trying to let 10 people make their own thing wouldn't work, so I can't complain too much!
Also, Ben and I ran into Mercedes here!  We were super excited to see a friend from architecture undergrad, so good thing we had a stop here!!  Hi, Mercedes!!
We hung out along the dock and wandered through the market before our next stop.
4th and final food stop (dessert still to come!) was at Factor's Row!  This is right along Main Street and pretty much diagonal from Middleton Tavern, haha.
We really got a meal here, I couldn't finish my food because I knew we still had dessert coming, and I needed room in my stomach!  We started with a potato soup with a fried ball of crab meat in the center.  Nora recommended breaking up the meat to get a bite with each spoonful of soup!
Then we had a lightly dressed fresh salad, and catfish tacos with a jicama and pepper slaw and an old bay sauce on top.  Umm, do you see why I only finished half of this?  I had arrived hungry, like Nora said to do, but this was so much food!  I ate as much as I could before admitting defeat.  Ben and Sam now heckled me a bit, but I knew I'd want dessert!
And dessert was our next stop!  We looped around to pretty much across from Red Red Wine Bar and stopped at Annapolis Ice Cream Company for a scoop to finish our tour.
So many flavors, so little time.
I ended up with chocolate with peanut butter swirl!  Sam let me try some of his coffee ice cream with heath bars, and Ben won the flavor war by picking chocolate with oreos, which I think I'll get the next time I go, it was awesome.
At this point, our little food tour group disbanded, and Ben, Sam and I got to chat with Nora a bit before heading out in different directions.  Nora did a fantastic job leading everyone, keeping the history interesting, making sure everyone was taken care of, feeding us amazing food...  It was awesome, I'd love to take one of her tours through Baltimore- Fells Point, Fed Hill, Little Italy, or Mt. Vernon...  Anyone interested and want to join me?!
Thank you Nora!!  Your food tour was awesome, and I'm so glad you work there and opened my eyes to some awesome food opportunities!  :-)

**Opinions are my own, I purchased my own ticket, and I did not receive any compensation for writing this review of Annapolis Food tours**

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