Weekly Recap

Becky bought a house!  She lives in Baltimore officially now!  She's been renting with friends for 2 years now, and decided she loved the neighborhood and should buy a place instead of continuing to rent.  It's such a beautiful house!  I was able to go and see it Monday, only a handful of hours since she'd signed everything and officially became the owner.  I got a grand tour, and I don't think Becky stopped smiling the whole time we were there.  She has a backyard/ patio/ garden area too!  I promise to post later pictures with furniture in it, decorations up, etc...  I just haven't seen it since that first day!
Becky opened the bottle of wine that Mom and Dad gave us all for their 40th Anniversary.  She figured what better occasion to celebrate than her first house!
Later on in the week, with Matt in town to help Becky move in, we decided to celebrate Dad's birthday early in Maryland!  You know the drill with birthdays in our family, we celebrate with as many people as we can, and with Matt in town, a lot of us were around at one time.  So despite being a few weeks early, we decided this was the closest to his birthday we would get with 3 of his kids around to celebrate.
We went duck pin bowling.  It's a smaller ball (think bocce ball size) and smaller pins.  I had never played before, and I was thoroughly inconsistent, hahaha!  Think getting a strike one frame, then only getting 1 pin down in the next.  It was so fun!
Then, on Nora's suggestion, we headed to Piedigrotta Bakery.  She gives food tours in Little Italy, as well as Annapolis, so we knew to trust her judgement!  They had amazing fresh pasta dishes and some meats dishes to try.  We pointed out what we wanted and created our own plate of amazing Italian food.  The tortellini was my personal favorite, but it was all delicious!
We finished the meal with gelato!
They gave us an adorable little cookie stuck into our cup, changing it up as they went.  It was aaaaamazing.  So so happy we knew to go here!
And pretty sky as we drove out of Baltimore.
Then Saturday morning, as I used to do for 14 years of my childhood, I woke up and went to the Huntington Dolphins home meet.  This time, to swim a Master's relay!  The stars aligned, my original relay team from 10 years ago would all be around on the same weekend, and were all willing to swim in the relay!

We cleared it with the team managers, we showed up on time, the guys only had board shorts to swim in, but we were all excited!
We ended up winning the relay (obvs) and got to catch up with some parents and siblings who came by to cheer us on.  Matt stopped by the pool after his run and got to catch up with everyone too.  It was so fun!  Then we headed to brunch to make up for the calories burned in our 25 sprint, hahaha. 
There was a heron chilling in my parking lot when I got home from brunch.
And then Eric and I headed to a white party hosted by my friend Kristen.  It was really fun, but we were really excited to play in the pool with other swimmers once it got late enough (and enough drinks were consumed...).
It was a wonderful week filled with friends and family, but I am now exhausted.  Excuse me while I take a nap to make up for it.

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