Block Island, Rhode Island

New England summer with friends.
Eric and I took a long weekend to drive up to Rhode Island to see some of his UMass friends.  New Jersey has pretty sky from the
We were really happy to not hit toooo terrible traffic in Connecticut (inevitable though, really), and make it to Matt's place in Rhode Island with enough time to have dinner and hang out with him and his girlfriend Liz.  They picked an awesome rotisserie place, where Mike and Meghan joined up (traveling down from Boston) and we wandered around Providence.  I'd never been!  It was cute but rather empty, haha.
The next morning, I got an awesome run in before the others woke up, and got to see more of the water Matt lives right by.
Our goal for the day was hanging out on Block Island and relaxing together.  I'd only met Matt before, so I was excited to spend the day with everyone!  We packed up some food and some towels, and got on the ferry.
Eric and Matt, the future cover of their book.
Mike, Eric, and Matt- battling the wind together.
Close to the Island!
The water was surprisingly clear, I'm really not used to that in the Atlantic Ocean.
Liz tried on hats, hahaha, this picture is amazing.
And then we wandered around to find a beach (not difficult).
Obligatory toes picture in sand/water.
The water was pretty cold, but we all got in (love people who do that, I don't understand if you want to go to the beach, but not be in the water).
Eric dug a hole, and then filled up the hole.  You can tell we were all in need of a relaxing day at the beach!
Meghan and Mike!
Me and Eric!
Meghan having fun with bottlecaps?
Me and E being adorable.
It was such a relaxing day, and I loved getting to hang out with everyone!
Our ride back on the ferry was quiet, and the sun got lower in the sky as we went.
I was sorry that we were turning around to go back home the next day, it was too quick a trip! 
But I'm glad I got a nice away trip for a weekend, got to see a new city, meet new people, and have my first kind of roadtrip with Eric.  I failed on the drive back, I got hangry and exhausted and traffic wasn't fun and good thing Eric didn't leave me on the side of the road, haha.  Otherwise, success!  Fun weekend, fun people, and I can't wait to go visit again!

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