Pasta with Tapenade Sauce

I had an amazing weekend away in Seattle visiting Tim and Paula.  Hi guys!  I have a million pictures to sort through, but I cannot wait to show you their gorgeous city.  We hiked and biked and walked all over, which made it totally ok that we indulged a bit in the food otherwise.  The cookies I brought were devoured by all of us- their friends Greg and Adam included, who happened to be visiting after a camping trip.  And apparently those cookies are amazing dipped in your morning coffee... can you see why they disappeared so quickly?

But being away for an extended weekend, and having another weekend trip coming up means my fridge is a little empty, and I'm not in a hurry to fill it either.  So now I'm getting creative with freezer and pantry staples.  Did you end up making the tapenade I posted about a bit ago?  The recipe made so much, I ended up freezing the leftovers in 1-cup amounts to be used easier later.  I figured I'd just pull one out of the freezer if someone came to visit and I wanted a quick appetizer to offer.
But I've recently seen a recipe for pasta with an olive sauce that totally reminded me of the tapenade I'd already made.  I figured they were on to something, and this is definitely a way to stretch out a visit to the grocery store.  This was wonderful on it's own, but I had to add a few things, cause it's me...  I thought about crisping up some prosciutto to add on top, but decided instead to go with a fried egg (or two) and some diced fresh mozzarella cheese since I had some.  The creamy cheese, the salty sharp tapenade, the soft yolk to join it all together... it was delicious!  And crazy easy!
Prepare your box of pasta, stir in 1-cup of the (room-temperature) tapenade, and top with whatever you'd like!  This was a wonderful quick meal using what I had on hand and I think the rest of the tapenade in my freezer won't be sticking around for long...  Enjoy!

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