Do you need a meal to use up some amazing summer produce?  Look no further than a certain Pixar movie for inspiration...  Or Smitten Kitchen for the real recipe :-)
A mandoline makes this way easier, but slice up a bunch of veggies.  Dice up an onion, mix it with some tomato sauce and put it on the bottom of your casserole dish.  Then layer the veggie slices all pretty on top!
Just like the movie!
But way more delicious since you can actually eat this, and not just watch cartoons eat.
Cover with parchment paper and bake!
Until steamy and bubbling away.
Serve on rice, pasta, meat, as a side or main dish.
And make sure to thank Remy the rat for the inspiration.  Apparently summer's days are numbered and soon enough it's going to be pumpkin and cinnamon everything.  So check out Smitten Kitchen for the recipe, and maybe watch the movie while you dig in!
Enjoy while the summer veggies are still plentiful!

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