Seattle Photo Diary, Day 1

I'm sorry for being MIA recently.  Having a weekend away in Seattle, then a weekend away in Rhode Island immediately following really took it's toll on the blog.  And on me, but I'll manage.  I think?  Laundry has piled up, I have no food in my fridge, I have crazy due dates at work, but I have some pretty cool pictures to share from my adventures!  Hopefully I'll get right back into this blogging groove, but no promises...  So let's talk about Seattle!
I've known Tim and Paula since High School and Middle School, respectively.  When I moved back from Colorado to the DC area, I only had a few months of overlap before they moved to Seattle.  I've enjoyed their visits back to the area for holidays and events, but finally took them up on their offer to visit Seattle.  When I planned my trip back in April, I assumed I'd be escaping the heat and humidity of August on the East Coast, instead I just got to extend the lovely summer weather we've been having here, while seeing my friends on the other coast!

My first day there, Paula kept me moving!  We walked all around their area of the city, seeing Gas Works Park and views along the water, before stopping in for a tour of Theo Chocolate Factory and eating a million samples of chocolate.  We met up with Tim and got a mini tour of Google Fremont, before heading to dinner nearby and then a trek for ice cream for dessert!  I was unaware that I was being tricked into a gorgeous sunset view of Seattle, but there it was, in all it's glory!  We slowly wandered back home with our ice cream and I crashed out for the night.

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