Seattle Photo Diary, Day 3

Day 3 involved a hike like woah.  But first, before we returned my bike, we headed to get breakfast at the best biscuit place in the world, Morsel!  Or at least I'm calling it that because I now get what the fuss is about biscuits... I guess I've just never had an amazing one before.  Then we stocked up on hiking food at a farmer's market nearby, returned my bike, and were off!  The hike was absolutely gorgeous, and tree-covered until the very top- the shade was very welcome.  We finished up with a swim in the lake at the start of the hike, which is how I wish every hike ended!  The hike took up most of the afternoon, so we headed back home, got showered and changed for dinner.  Greg and Adam joined us, and I was the only one who got something other than the salmon burger (a grilled cheese and veggies for me thanks!).  Another round of ice cream after dinner! then back downtown for the Chihuly museum.  We managed to convince the security guards to let us take advantage of the last bit of sunlight and see the outdoor Chihuly garden first, then go through the indoor exhibits and get to see the outdoor garden again at night.  You better believe you have a million photos coming with this one...
The next morning involved another wonderful breakfast prepared by Paula and Tim, before Greg, Adam and I headed to the airport.  They had been camping and hiking a few hours away for several days, and get to see Paula and Tim on their way into and out of Seattle.  We happened to have flight times similar to each other, so it was convenient but very nice of them to drive me to the airport!  My flight home was uneventful, and I was sorry to be leaving such a wonderful city so quickly.  Thank you a million times over to Tim and Paula for hosting me, touring me around the city, and anticipating my every need!  I wouldn't have known to explore half of the places we did, and I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends!

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