Williams Reunion 2014

It's that time of year again!  Time for the Williams reunion in Sunderland, Massachusetts!  You can check out my write-ups from 2012 and 2013 here.  It's adorable to see the similarities between Cole and Wes as they navigate abundant corn, cows, and their 3rd cousins.
But first, we went to the Deerfield River.  I'm not sure I've documented going here since I started my blog, but us McLaughlin's try to make it a priority whenever we head up.
It hasn't been super warm, and we're in Massachusetts, so the river was chilly, and the air wasn't entirely warming us up!  The bravest ones among us headed into the water first (Matt, Ed and Dad).
Some of us stayed on the shore much longer than they did, and they were already cliff-jumping before I'd gotten my toes wet!  Dad swam over first, and was climbing up when Matt and Ed caught up.
I missed Matt's huge jump, but here's Ed's jump!
And Dad's jump!
Wes and Cole were having a blast hanging out in the water, and the mud.  It's not entirely mud, but it's really not entirely sand either :-)
And then they headed back to hang out with us while we waited for Rich, Janis, Ryan, Kathleen, and Fred to come along.
Clearly Dad got bored in the shallows and headed over to find the rope swing.  Found it.
I'm finally in the water past my toes!  Matt is spraying Cole with the water gun.
And the baby is in the mud.
Warrior Wes.
Patti commented that I better like photos of my back (there were many in here of people swimming back over, now that the North Carolina McLaughlin's had arrived), so I flexed.
Kathleen, Ryan, and Matt all jump together!
Dad and I were supposed to jump together, but he didn't trust me to jump on 3, so he waited until he saw my feet leave the rock before jumping "with" me, haha.
We warmed up, dried off, and headed back to the hotel all together to eat, drink, and visit the evening before the reunion.

And the next morning, after some runs and walks, we all headed to the Amherst Farmer's Market!  We get to see Lee and Deb here, who are cousins of my dad, but not on the reunion side of things.  So we make sure to see them here in the morning!
Ryan bought a plant for his place, Janis and Deb are pleased, haha.
Then we stopped by my great-grandparents old house on 14 Nutting Avenue in Amherst.  Dad remembers playing in the stream behind the house, which feeds the pond on UMass's campus, and wanted to see the neighborhood.  Here's their adorable little pale yellow house.
And here's the gorgeous blue house I want to buy across the street from it!
After our neighborhood visit, we drove through campus and headed to the reunion!  Look at how official things are this year, name tags with color coded flowers depending on your branch of the family tree!
Ed showing off some soccer skillz.
Cole and Wes kind of playing near each other.
3rd cousins Leah, Wes and Chase!
And then I played with my wide-angle lens (and let Kathleen and Ryan do the same).  The wide open farm spaces just completely lend themselves to wide-angle photography.
Me, Kathleen, and Atom!
And now time to eat!  Two full coolers of corn for all to enjoy.
Salads, casseroles, burgers, chili...
But I was saving room for dessert, so I only had fruit salad, corn, and my favorite squash casserole!
Wes is certainly enjoying the pasta salad and fruit.
And the corn!
Even with only two bottom teeth, he's totally going for it!
Uncle Matt was awesome with Wes, and pulled him around in this wagon for awhile.  Wes loved it!
And Cole learned how to play horseshoes with Atom, who was super patient and helped him learn the rules of the game.
Even at this distance, Cole kept telling me to get back so that I wouldn't get hit by a stray horseshoe.  Very helpful, Cole.
Then Matt pulled both boys around in the wagon!
Family picture time!!
Ryan and Milton.
Much more official horseshoe game than when Cole was playing.
Wes is so excited to meet Milton!
And Wes is so excited to meet calves and cows!
Before the end of the reunion, we got just a McLaughlin photo together.  We were missing a few, but I was happy to see everyone we did!
And then we headed to Richardson's Candy Kitchen (owned by my dad's cousins) to buy some candy and syrup (again owned by my dad's cousins)!  We all replenish our syrup supply for the year, and my mom buys some gifts for the holidays.  Of course we like supporting our family's businesses!

Then up to the pool to relax and continue visiting with family.
There were always a couple eyes on Wes, since he just wanted to climb on the diving board and lower himself into the pool at all times.
This is Patti keeping a hand on him as he climbs in himself, not her lowering him in!
We finally put him in a life jacket, haha, and this is Janis getting to cuddle up with him while his parents found some dry clothes to change him into after his swims.
Hangin out!
And one last view of endless corn before we headed back to the hotel and got an early start home the next morning.
What a great yearly tradition, and what beautiful weather we had this year!  Thanks to all that hosted us and can't wait to see everyone again next year!!

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