Labor Day: Sunsets, Croquet, Boat Rides

Mom and Dad were amazing hosts over Labor Day weekend to me, Eric, Becky, and a bunch of Becky's friends!  I got to meet a few more awesome people and it looks like my weekend was dominated by sunsets, croquet, and boating (or at least, those are the main pictures I took).  Enjoy some great pictures from our weekend!

Towels lined up on lounge chairs, books and drinks ready to go by each one.  This is the life :-)
Ladies taking care of dinner tonight (sorry for the blur).  Tessa, Becks, Steffi, Nora, and Liz!
Devorah, Taylon, Andrew, Eric, and Dave played a couple rounds of horse before dinner was ready.
We built a bonfire, and Becky got s'mores stuff ready :-)
I photographed the stars, because it's what I love to do.
We played croquet the next day!
Devorah is my favorite.
Dad helped us set up, and helped explain the rules of croquet.  Turns out, I was one of the few who had played before, so we had some newbs learning the ropes.
So we took a few practice shots to get used to everything.
The exact moment Becky's orange ball hopped Andrew's yellow.
As you can see, we got hung up rather early on in the course.  But we soon caught on!
Devorah ended up winning, with Eric following close behind.  Andrew rounded out the top 3.  It was a great game all around!

Then we went on a sunset cruise.  Drinks in hand.
Becky driving.
Devorah and Andrew!
Nora driving!
Devorah driving.  Becky always knowing where the camera is.  No one else cares.
Liz and Dave being Jack and Rose!
We had an amazingly relaxing time for the weekend.  I slept a lot, lounged a lot, read a lot, played in the water a lot.  An extra day off was exactly what I needed!
Amazing group right here :-)  Can't wait to do it again next year!

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