Fall Into Fall, 2.0

Just like last year, we took advantage of Patti, Ed, Cole and Wes being in town to celebrate Fall, Halloween, and any other cooler weather activities.  There was another pumpkin hunt, some pumpkin carving, and general hanging out and playing outside with family and friends.  This year, Abby, Steve and Reed joined in the party, as well as Grace with Jess and Joe!  Her birthday is right before Halloween, so she's a new addition this year, and she made the cutest bumble bee :-)
I got to hang out with Cole and Wes for a few days before the party too.  There was painting, bubbles  and riding around the cul-de-sac the day before!
I'll post separately about the bubbles we had the day after the party.  It was amazing!  But look at how much these kids like bubbles.
The next day, our actual party started.  I made apple nachos- slice apples, pour on caramel sauce, distribute mini chocolate chips.  Easy!
My mom made these awesome funfetti cupcakes with Halloween Peeps on top.  Cole helped with the batter and decoration, which my dad also helped supervise.  (Saran wrap covering to protect from toddler hands)
Standard Fall Into Fall foods.
And I also made spider cookies!  Peanut butter and chocolate is a classic combo no matter what, but creating the spiders upped the ante on these.  Don't worry, I'll post about how to make these soon :-)
And a cheese plate, cause why not.
And Halloween buckets with favors for all the kids to take home :-)
Dad's costume has returned from last year, with the adults terrified and the kids not so much.
Grace the bumble bee!  Complete with crazy adorable stinger.
A shark and a bee meet for the first time. 
Reed, Abby, and Steve were all dinosaurs.  I know Reed is a stegosaurus, and Steve is a triceratops, but Abby was a new-fangled dinosaur I don't know about yet.  Hipster dinosaur?  I'm going with it.
What kind of bird are YOU?
Getting ready for the pumpkin hunt!
Sharks are good pumpkin hunters.
A bear and a shark, searching for pumpkins.
We found all the pumpkins!  Back inside we go.
The guys gravitated to the tv and watched football.
While some talented ladies carved pumpkins.  I had a cold and was not up to carve, but at least I documented some awesome pumpkins being made!  Abby's pig.
Cole and Patti's classic Jack-o-lantern.  Cole was positive he could do this on his own, but I'm suspicious that he actually did ;-)
Becky's spider and web.
Patti using power tools, like I did last year.
The boys loved the pumpkins when they were glowing outside!

And we had to keep an eye on the littlest one, who kept wanting to check out the candle inside.
The pig's curly tail in the back.
Too much excitement for one day :-)
We loved celebrating Halloween with the nephews, when we otherwise wouldn't get to, and loved getting to hang out with everyone!  What a fun new tradition :-)

PS- I'll be posting a recipe for the spider cookies, as well as posting about the amazing bubble fun we had the following day.

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