Oyster Fest 2014

Our second annual oyster fest!  We were much more prepared this time, and had one more addition to help eat some oysters!  This year, we each came prepared with a recipe to enjoy oysters.
Mine was a recipe involving lemon zest and juice, hot sauce and chili flakes, garlic, olive oil, and a few diced anchovies.  Spoon a little over an oyster on the half shell then grill for about 3 minutes.  Unfortunately, our eyes were too big for our stomachs and I didn't even get to make my dish.  I bet this sauce will be fantastic over pasta and/or chicken though... experimentation to follow!
But we got to work on Saturday, shucking oysters for everyone's dishes!  Mom an Becky were up first- Mom making both corn fritters and fried oysters, and Becky making a baked oyster with cornmeal and spices.
We had everything you could need to enjoy oysters!
As well as fritters made with beer in the batter instead of milk so Eric could enjoy them too.  Thanks, Mom!
Becky's oysters were delicious!  And Mom claimed she cheated by using a pre-made mix to fry hers, but they were delicious as well!  What a way to start the day of oyster feasting!
We took a break to relax before our next round- Nora with a cream-based oyster stew, and Eric with a broth-based oyster stew.
And I of course photographed the changing clouds and sun on the water.
 Our break also involved bb gun shooting.
 Eric working on his stew intermittently.
Eric's Manhattan Oyster Stew!  I loved this one, it had just a bit of heat and the oysters were a perfect addition to the traditional stew veggies.  Nora's had a ton of cream, thyme, and oysters, so how could that be bad?!
And the amount of fish circling around the green light at the end of the pier that evening was unreal.  There were a bunch of smaller fish circling in the center, and larger fish circling around them.  It was utterly mesmerizing.
Considering the late hour in which we indulged in two types of stew, we ran out of time for Dad, me and Ben to prepare our oysters.  Not to put his Oysters Rockefeller mixture to waste, Dad created a tray for us to enjoy while eating a late breakfast on Sunday!
They were crazy delicious.  I didn't know I wanted Oysters Rockefeller with my eggs and bacon, but it turns out I did!
Becky and Nora had to get going early that day, but Mom, Dad and I went on a walk and enjoyed a sunny but windy day!
Eric, Ben and I left in the early afternoon, full of oysters and with plenty of leftovers in tow.  I can't wait for next year already!

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