Shake it off, shake it off!

I recently took a self-imposed break.  I was worn down, both physically and mentally, and everything I was doing to compensate for being worn down was only masking the problem, not fixing it.
I tried strength training to strengthen the muscles around joints that were sore.  I figured my hurt knees could benefit from stronger quads and hamstrings.  And my overused swimming shoulders needed pull-ups to keep things going.  It worked for a bit, but then I was just even more exhausted.  I was sleeping for 12 hours each night on the weekends, when I finally had the time to crash and catch up, and then it was time to start all over again the next week.  I was functioning out of habit, but was in danger of actual injury or a hard crash.
So I told myself that for 2 weeks, I'd stay away from the pool and the gym.  I allowed myself to go on walks, and do yoga, but generally I was just trying to rest.
So of course I had grand plans of becoming a yogi by the end of it, and making a million recipes to be saved up in the queue to post here.  By day 2 I was already antsy for the 2 weeks to finish up so I could get back to my routine.  But by day 4, I was feeling so much better.  I had time to go on walks with my parents around the bike paths in town, and wasn't harried to make dinner after the gym each night.  I marveled at how much time there was in a day, and kind of reveled in it.  I read some books, caught a couple movies I've been meaning to watch, and learned how to sit down again.
Two weeks ago I was close to tears just thinking about the laundry I needed to fold, and now I can honestly say I feel much calmer and rested.  I know not everyone can just shut down for 2 weeks, so I hope you're not annoyed with me...  But it helped me see the power of giving myself a rest, and not piling on more to compensate.  I guess the title of my blog really gave it away from the beginning- I get used to repeating without question, but it looks like sometimes I should just chill out a bit.
We'll see how long this lasts, hahaha.  But I will say, I was super excited to swim this morning!  I'm not cured, I still have some things to work on, but at least I'm rested now!
I added some random pictures to this post of things that have made me happy recently.  They might not have been directly related to taking 2 weeks off...but I hope you enjoyed them anyways.

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