New Page!

I know that little black bar below the title isn't that exciting, but I've actually provided quite a bit of information in there!

You have your awesome Home button (self-explanatory, I hope).

You have a creative little About Me section, where I describe my love of swimming, eating, and repeating.

Next to that I have a best of section, with the Blogs I Follow and Love.  Friends are in there, as well as bloggers I wish were my friends.

A handy-dandy Recipes link, which I hope to be making prettier in the future, but for now will get you to a recipe juuuuust fine :-)
And the newest page to join the bunch, Travels!  It's a quick way to see where I've explored, and if you're considering also exploring there, gimme a shout and we can discuss!  Each picture will link you to the related blog post, and you can relive my adventures.
The other area I'll draw your attention to, is along the right side of your screen.  It's a little black bar, that when you roll over it, you'll find several other items.  From the top-down, we have Labels, Blog Archive, About Me (this one based on Google+, which I don't use much so it's empty), and Followers.  Click on any of these sections to get more information.
For instance, click on Labels to be able to narrow down the categories of what I've posted.  Interested in seeing some of my photography?  Or perhaps craving a certain type of recipe and just want to see the related blog posts?  Labels will help you do that!
And click on Followers to be able to subscribe to my blog and get updates when I post!  I hope this has been a helpful tour of the blog, and I hope to get another recipe post up soon :-)

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