Quick Virginia Weekend

Eric and I headed to Virginia for the weekend with my parents, because he's awesome and was willing to go to a play with me in the Northern Neck.  A little back story- I saw this awesome play in Golden, CO when I lived there, and I raved about it to my parents.  They told their neighbor in VA about it, who is an actor in the local theater troupe.  He mentioned it to a director at the theater, who looked into it, and just recently decided to run it!  Phew, that was a roundabout explanation for why I was willing to travel 3 hours to see a little production in rural Virginia.  And it was that much more amazing that Eric was willing to go with!  Don't Dress For Dinner was the play, and it was absolutely amazing!  Hilarious, and just as fun as when I saw it years ago.  The physical comedy was great, the cast really worked together, and I couldn't stop laughing.  I'd tell you guys to go see it, but that might only be possible for a very small group of you reading this :-)

Otherwise, it was chilly and windy over the weekend, so it was a lot of relaxing indoors by a fire.  And I saw two bald eagles, which was awesome!

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