2014 Recap

Guys, I owe you.  I owe you pictures from my quick trip to NYC in early December.  I owe you Christmas pictures, cookie recipes, and too many nephew pictures to count.  I have gotten behind on this here blogging thing, but I've been enjoying all of the family time, and trying not to be buried in my computer that whole time.  Also I was working on a deadline at work, and a deadline for editing the Bat Mitzvah photos I took, so there was already too much computer time.  But you know what?  It's the last day of the year, and I'll at least get this recap post right!  You'll get to hear about all those other things in 2015 :-)

I traveled way more than I even remembered doing!  I went to England (London and Oxford) and Iceland in February.  I saw a ton of landmarks in England, and gorgeous natural landscape in Iceland.  And the Northern Lights!!
I made it to Seattle to visit Tim and Paula in August.  We were active the whole time- hiking, biking, and walking.  And we ate a ton too.  It was the perfect way to experience their city!
I went to the River quite a few times- for Memorial Day and Labor Day, Mom's Birthday (Happy Beatles Birthday 64!), and quite a few random weekends as well.
Oh and of course we had Oyster Fest again this year :-)
There were trips to NYC to visit Patti, Matt, Ed, Wes and Cole.  And we offered the usual help for Matt's Amazing Race through the 5 boros!
We traveled the Jersey Turnpike to get to our annual family reunions in Massachusetts.
And a new trip to Rhode Island to visit some of Eric's friends.  He seemed to show up in a lot of my pictures this year too :-)
I explored more of my home state- seeing the yearly Croquet Match between Navy and St. John's College for the first time!  Seeing DC's Cherry Blossom Festival for possibly not my first time, but definitely my first time really remembering it.  I went to Preakness for the first time, and infieled it up.  There was also a hike at Great Falls with the family on thanksgiving, and a food tour of Annapolis!
I didn't do as many open water races this year as in years past, but Becky joined me for my favorite one- the Nanticoke River Swim and Tri.  We both participated in the 3 mile swim, and got 1st and 3rd in our age group respectively!  I also happened to win the overall female title...nbd ;-)

There were new ones to welcome to the world this year (and of course many more that I don't have personal pictures of)
And my nephews continued to grow up way too fast :-)
On the cooking front, I tried many new gluten-free recipes to please Becky and some of her friends.
Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies:
Gluten-Free Brownie Cookies:
Almond Butter Brownies:
Easy Gluten Free Brownies:
Flourless Chocolate Chip Blondies with Sea Salt (using chickpeas):
Chocolate Banana Cakes:
But my most popular recipes of this year definitely included gluten.  I was also alerted to such websites as foodgawker and tastespotting, which have really upped my pageviews, who knew?!
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - Ben's Cookies:
Honey Pumpkin Biscuit Cinnamon Rolls:
Buttermilk Bread Pudding:
Butternut Squash Pasta:
Cranberry Almond Cookies:
I have loved every minute of 2014, what a wonderful year!  I have a few more trips planned in 2015, and I'm sure I will continue to see many family and friends throughout the year.  I'm hoping I get into the Bay Swim again, so hopefully there will be more open water swims to train for as well.  Here's to you all having a happy, healthy, and wonderful 2015!

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