Thanksgiving 2014

This was our view Thanksgiving morning, as we scrambled over rocks, jumped over water, and climbed our way from one side of the Billy Goat Trail to the other.  Our Thanksgiving was small this year compared to last.  Patti was working for the holiday, so a trip to MD wasn't in the cards, and even us going to NYC wasn't a possibility.  So without little nephews to consider (and their little legs and nap schedules), the rest of us decided a hike was how we wanted to spend Thanksgiving together!
I was supposed to do my usual Thanksgiving 100x100s Wednesday morning, but scheduling changed around for my crazy friends who participate in that swim, and Thursday morning was planned.  Let's just say I was exhausted and totally ready for all the Thanksgiving calories coming my way.

But first, we had some fun Wednesday night family hang out!
Becky helped Mom make the pecan pie.
And Dad was in charge of the perfectly placed top layer of pecans.
We played a card game- Kill Your Neighbor.  It was definitely that, with Dad totally killing me at every chance he got, and Becky getting the brunt of some quickly ended hands (if all 4 cards are played of each suit, the game ends, and poor Becky had just drawn a lot of cards each time).  Mom stayed under the radar (and far from Dad) and came out the victor!
Also Matt and I ate too much chex mix, with him trying to remind himself to stop through various ways...
The next morning, after my crazy swim (2 hours 40 minutes, 5.68 miles, and 5 other crazy friends), I grabbed some coffee and met up with the family to drive to Great Falls and hike the Billy Goat Trail.  It's a crazy fun trail, with just enough climbing over large rocks to make things difficult, but still a very do-able hike with kids.  I remember hiking this trail when I must have been like 6 or 7, so that made Becky 3 or 4, so highly recommend!  We had some amazing views and photo ops, and to ensure I was actually in some pictures, I asked Becky to get me if she could, so a lot of these are from her!  Thanks, Beck!
Where in the blue blazes are we?
Death defying leap over this ravine of white water.
And then I was completely exhausted.  I'm not sure how I stayed awake the rest of the day, and I just laid on the couch for a lot of it, but not sleeping.  I think I was too tired to nap, which sounds ridiculous, but was the case, haha.

But I did make the mashed potatoes for the meal!  Peeled yukon gold potatoes, boiled to soft.  Combine with roasted garlic, some cream, and some butter.  Salt and pepper!
There they are- surrounded by all of Mom's creations that she had gotten ready the day before (so we could hike), and Becky's applesauce that I requested again this year.
Becky dancing a happy dance near the food.
Ready to devour!  Everything but stuffing, and the quiche.
And using Grammie's pitcher to pour the water for everyone!  Matt was so into this picture.
I just went straight through to dessert and was the first to grab slices of pie and a scoop of ice cream on top of the applesauce Becky made.  We had one of our favorite pie's; a cranberry almond pie that my mom makes and is so amazing!  And pecan pie, which I don't remember being a staple in our household, but I love it!
If you claim the first pieces like a fatty, you don't have the prettiest pieces to photograph.  I'm totally ok with it though.
On Friday, we braved the crowds for shopping and ended up at Ikea to look around, and Matt bought a shark.  Apparently there's a whole thing going on with him and another teacher coworker, and he's been pranking her with sharks for a bit now.  I know, I don't think I can explain this well at all, but Matt bought that large shark at Ikea (for 50% off, thanks Ikea Friends and Family!) and it was a part of the rest of our Thanksgiving weekend.
Matt requested Mom buy salmon for his shark, I suggested grapes.  Apparently the grapes were not eaten.
The shark prayed with us for dinner (Becky was kind of mad she was forced to do this).
But then her and Sarah Shark became friends.
Dun dun...
We played a game of trivial pursuit, and I managed to roll this on the carpet.  No idea what number it should be considered.  I know, it's an exciting life I lead.
And before Matt left on Sunday afternoon, Sarah Shark got a few more minutes of internets in.
It was a wonderful holiday, and sorry for the delay in posting!  It's been busy around here!!

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