December 2014

It's mid-January, so it seems only right to finally post some pictures from December.  Woo!  Becky played in the Women in Brass Holiday Concert, and it was amazing!  They took advantage of the cathedral acoustics and played songs from all corners of the space, just like the last time I saw this concert.  Hearing Carol of the Bells reverberating from the back of the space was my favorite :-)
Becky's holiday party was later that week, and her place was crazy awesome decorated!
The next morning, we headed up to NYC to spend time with Matt for his birthday!  We helped him build a fireplace, I played with his cat, and then we hung out with Patti, Ed, Cole and Wes for the afternoon.  Dad made Cole and Wes an awesome play mat for their trains!  Then we headed to Tamarind for dinner, an absolutely amazing Indian place in Tribeca, where we saw Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne eating when we left.  A quick stop in for karaoke finished up our evening, then we drove back to MD the next morning.
There was another holiday party at Ben's to enjoy, before we rolled into real Christmas stuff.  Which I'll post soon!  I swear!  It was a great December :-)

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