Happy 2015!

Happy New Year everybody!  Are you already overwhelmed with your New Years resolutions?  I have been kicking it at the River for the holiday, so I haven't been as resolution crazed as I could be, especially since some of my resolutions conflict...

I want to bake all the things, especially out of my many awesome cookbooks!  But I also want to eat healthy and not dominate that plate of brownies you just placed in front of me. What could go wrong?

I want to race more this year.  Open water swims, swim meets, 5Ks, you name it!  But I also want to focus on the ARE's this year, and get a few passes under my belt.  It's something I haven't begun to tackle yet, and it's really weighing on me.

I want to floss a lot.  No conflicts!  Just do it!

I want to have more patience.  I get worked up easily, which I'm learning is part of my introvertedness.  This book is both a blessing and a curse- the more I read about being an introvert, the more I learn about myself!  But the more I also learn that sometimes society isn't set up for me.  And I'd like to try to block out some stresses better and be able to focus on the good, the positive, the non-stressful things, and create more patience in my life.

I want to organize and purge things in my apartment.  I moved in a few years ago and I still love it!  But a few areas need to be reorganized, and the accumulation of things should be addressed or donated.  I did a bit of this before NYE, so I haven't been sitting here in a frenzy wishing I was getting a move on that apartment cleaning.

And I of course have a list of places I want to travel to!  You'll see all of the pictures from those trips as I go!

Starting 2015 at the river has kept me calm and happy, and I hope that can carry on to the rest of my year :-)  Thanks for reading my blog, you guys are the best!

PS- Speaking of following along, if you're looking for an easy way to stay on top of new posts, there are a few ways to do so!  You can subscribe to Feedly, which will organize all of your blog obsessions into one place, or if you're a fellow blogger on blogspot, you can add me to your reading list.  I try to keep my social media covered as well, updating posts on Pinterest, Facebook, and sometimes Instagram with a process shot or two.
Happy New Year!  Champagne in a wine glass.  Carson Daly on TV.  Are we sure it's 2015??
And then Eric and I dug into my awesome Christmas present.  Lego Architecture!  It's white so that you can just design with no worries of crazy colors distracting (like any architect would be bugged by).  We started by organizing the pieces, which Eric laughed at me for, but helped anyways.
And then we dove in!
Pier selfie.
Sunset pictures galore.
Pot roast to warm us from the inside, and Lego houses by both Eric and I.
The next morning, the river was so still, the reflections were awesome!
Combining the set Patti got me with the epic Architecture set!  This is my castle.
Wishing you a wonderful 2015, and a successful resolution list!

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