Puerto Rico

Patti is always able to sum up the best parts of our/ her vacations using minimal pictures and I always find it makes such an impact when you only get a glimpse.  But then I come home with 800+ pictures, and I never know how to edit.  I want to tell you all the things and not forget anything.  So please enjoy my many posts and many pictures where I will overshare this vacation with you :-)
This year, for the President's Week vacation, most of our family (Becky we missed you tons!) headed to Puerto Rico to escape the cold snow and take a well-deserved break while enjoying beaches and sun.  I definitely needed the break from work, but it was also nice to take some fun pictures of people and scenery and not just stacks of brownies :-)  Shoot, now I want a brownie.  Or chocolate cake.  Which incidentally, Matt managed to spill all over his computer in his backpack.  We live in a society!
 Wes on a plane!
Cole on a plane!
Cole holding a plane on a plane!
Wes with the best headphones ever.
Our first full day in Puerto Rico kind of set the tone for the rest of the trip.  With two little boys to keep happy, we woke up and enjoyed some time playing in the pool and on the beach at the resort.  It was super windy that first day, but still warm and glorious to be on a beach.
We headed inside to eat lunch, take naps, read, lounge, whatever! 
Then headed to Old San Juan to explore the old walls and fort, roll down the hill, and have dinner.  It was suuuper windy there, but was really gorgeous and I loved all of the colors.

We settled into this routine of beach/pool in the morning, lounging for lunch and the early afternoon, then heading elsewhere for more beach time and dinner.  It kept things relaxed, and it turns out following a toddler's schedule for vacation suited us just fine.  We were never too far away from a meal, there was plenty of time to rest/ recover each day, and I never fell too far behind the group while taking pictures, since Wes doesn't walk that fast.

Random beach we stopped at on our drive to San Juan.
Old San Juan walls.
The Fort and a really fun hill to roll down (Ed, Cole and Wes).
Rice and beans, skirt steak, mofongo, plantains, and plantain gnocchi (sorry, it was dark in there)!
The next morning I did some fun sprints along the beach and got to see early morning around the resort.  Isn't it gorgeous!
 Then we played on the beach in the morning again!  Ed dug a hole and the boys loved it.
Matt got a kite from his friends Michael and Lauren who left the previous day, so Dad was flying the kite on the beach for Cole and Wes to enjoy.
We read and hung out in the afternoon while Wes napped.
Then we headed to Luquillo for the afternoon!  It was so beyond amazing.  The beach was my favorite one we went to all week, and the kiosks there serve the best food.  There are 60 stalls, and they serve all kinds of food there, some sit-down, some able to be brought home with you.  We ended up at a burger place that was recommended to Ed by a friend.  The mango daiquiri and fried cheese app were delicious.  Ed got a burger stuffed with chorizo and plantains, and it looked amazing.
The next day we actually mixed it up and went to the rainforest first thing in the morning!  We saw 360 degree views from the top of a watchtower, then hiked down to a waterfall.  Wes and Cole walked the mile down really well, but we carried them back up (I got pretty sweaty carrying Cole).

After a quick stop for lunch after our hike, we went to Seven Seas beach in Fajardo.
Cole hates smiling in pictures, or even looking in the direction of the camera.  But he took over an old camera of Patti's and loved taking pictures, and we took pictures of each other and I managed to get a picture of him smiling!!
Sunset view from our rooftop.  I ran out to the beach, but it was too cloudy.
Oh hey random restaurant for dinner!!  We had more great plantains from here (and rice and beans and other things too).
Playing Bohnanza after dinner and drinking Sangria Ponte Vecckio.  No.  I didn't misspell that.
Another visit to Luquillo!
We got dinner from the kiosks again, but brought it home instead of eating there and had a feast!
 View from our rooftop :-)
It was a wonderful trip and I had such a great time with the fam!  Relaxing and enjoying the warm weather.  I can't wait to go back!

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