Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Guys, I conquered a fear.  I made some homemade pasta!  I had leftover sweet potatoes that didn't seem like they were going to be eaten soon, and I decided to make sweet potato gnocchi!
It wasn't the best thing I've ever created, they were pretty dense and heavy, so I have to work on them.  But they were certainly filling, and with the addition of some olive oil, sauteed garlic, and a sprinkle of sage, they were pretty tasty!
I'm not actually going to give you the recipe of this one, since I'm not the expert here and you should probably learn from someone else, so there are some linked below.  But it was fun anyways :-)
I'll be attempting this recipe again, but I'll hopefully have more confidence to not overwork the dough.
 And the leftovers for lunch at work were still really good.
Not a complete fail, but I'll let these guys guide you in sweet potato gnocchi, instead of me :-)  I hope you'll try to make your own pasta too!!
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