Liz's Bridal Shower

Liz is getting married!  My favorite girl to bake twee things with, paint our nails, and pick produce with!  She loves donuts, Jaime even asked her to marry him using a dozen donuts, and some creative icing, so clearly I needed to pick up some Amish donuts for the morning after the bachelorette party.  A little sugar to get us moving :-)  But those seen below were for the next day, the day after the Bridal Shower
The bridesmaids divided up the tasks, and I was asked to make desserts for Liz's shower!  I of course went overboard, but it means you will be getting a ton of new recipes soon!  (I'll update this post with links once there are posts with recipes)

Here we have butter cookies with sprinkles all over.  Crunchy and delightfully colorful.
Olive Oil Brownies with Caramel and Sea Salt.  You've seen these before!  They were a huge hit, go make a batch now!
A huge platter of donuts from Alice, another bridesmaid, which I did not make, but needed to be present at her shower!
Almond cookies!  They're like a soft sugar cookie, but with a little more depth.
Vanilla Almond Cupcakes.  Cupcakes aren't my thing usually.  These were!
Mini Cheesecakes, with a little fruit to round out the meal.
Baklava cookies, which are quickly becoming one of my favorite cookies.  And Chocolate Chunk cookies with sea salt.
Alice made soooo much food for everyone!  She played off of Liz's family history and had a bunch of quiche and pierogies for us to have a sort of brunch-y menu. 
Pierogies being cooked!
So many desserts!
Mrs. Paulding and my mom, two bridesmaids moms (and Mrs. Paulding brought pretty much all of the dishes used, and helped us out a bunch!).  I ran around the room and tried to get pictures of everyone there!
Michal and Paula :-)
Liz!  This was not a surprise party.  She was just really excited to see everyone!
Liz and her mom :-)
Proof I was here!
We made dresses out of toilet paper.  Sometimes this game is hit or miss at bridal showers, but everyone got sooo into it!  It was awesome!  And for some reason, I'm always nominated to be the model (seriously, I think every shower I've gone to, I've been the one wrapped in toilet paper... ah well, I don't mind it!).

Paula was awesome and grabbed my camera and got some amazing shots of the teams in action!
Everyone hard at work!
All of the brides, waiting for Liz to pick a winner out of our gorgeous dresses!
The winner!  A gorgeous body-con crossbody style with a flowing skirt.  Very gorgeous.
Our second game was a wonderful set of Mad Libs (Mad Liz??) that Paula made up for marriage advice.  She used an advice book from 1913 and reading the original text was ridiculous (she gave Liz the books as part of her present!).  My mom and I ended up with one, and some of the advice was right on, the rest was... not, haha.  Paula read the "advice" while Liz opened presents, and we all had a good laugh at the wonderful words of wisdom.
Haha, those two.
Really great friends and moms :-)
Lovely ladies.
And Violet :-)
We cleaned up and headed out into a downpour to go to the bachelorette party :-)  We were headed to Korean BBQ and Korean Karaoke all together!  We passed out at Michal's place, who was gracious to host us, and headed into Georgetown in the morning for an appointment at Rent the Runway for our bridesmaids gowns.  We tried on a bunch, and certainly narrowed things down, but Liz has a few more she wants to see before we know what we're wearing in August.  So excited!

Thanks everyone who came, it was such a fun weekend and bridal shower!!  And I'm still sugar detoxing ;-)

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