CSA Week 3 and 4

CSA Week 3 included kale, snap peas, snow peas, cherries, eggs, zucchini and summer squash, english cucumbers (better for pickling), and jam.
I made more sauteed snow peas and snap peas.  I really am loving these veggies with olive oil and garlic.  Unfortunately, I had a bit of a miss with the cucumbers.  I don't love cucumbers, but I once had an amazing sweet and sour chicken with cucumbers!  That was my inspiration for this dish, but it was both too sweet and too sour at the same time.  I will try a different recipe next time :-)
CSA Week 4 included raspberries, spring onions, zucchini, summer squash, hull peas, rhubarb, cherries, eggs, and english cucumber again.  Did I mention I'm somewhat allergic to cherries?  I didn't know that before this CSA, I guess I've only had them cooked in large enough quantities?  But that didn't stop me from eating them :-)  It's just a little bit of a scratchy throat!  Hahaha
I got much quicker at hulling peas with each one, and ended up making a delicious spring pea risotto.  Did I photograph it?  Nope!  I devoured it :-)
The rhubarb went to a simple rhubarb compote to be eaten on ice cream.  Check out this post for a quick recipe for rhubarb compote.  And I used The Pioneer Woman's recipe for grilled zucchini with lemon salt.  It was crazy delicious and a wonderful way to use up a ton of zucchini at one time.
Oh you wanted a new recipe?  I'll get on that for CSA Week 5, don't you worry. :-)

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