Wes's 2nd Birthday!

Wes turned 2 around a month ago, and we celebrated at Patti and Ed's in NYC.  We were supposed to be outside in Central Park, but it was rainy all day and it was way more fun inside anyways :-)  Wes celebrated exactly how a 2 year old should- lots of food, cake, and running around with his friends.  He was even really good at pin the tail on the donkey! 
The following photos were taken by Cole, and I think you'll love seeing the perspective of a 4 year old and the faces people make for him.  Trust me when I say I picked the best picture he took of everyone.  (And don't worry, I followed him around like a hawk while he had my camera, haha)
I took my camera back (and breathed a sigh of relief... maybe when Cole is 5 I'll let him borrow it again!) and got some more fun shots of the party.  Especially the cake, which Patti made as a rainbow (something our mom taught us and we loved having rainbow cakes when we were younger... umm, still love now).
Matt led a wonderful few rounds of pin the tail on the donkey, which Cole was very helpful during!
I hope Wes had a wonderful time during his party!  He loved all of his friends there, and we loved celebrating with him!
Happy birthday Wes!

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