CSA Week 6 - Cucumber Mint Sorbet

Would you believe me if I told you you could make a sweet sorbet out of cucumbers?  You should, because it's totally true.  And the best part is, you're only 4 ingredients away, and one of those is water.
That's right, water, sugar, mint, cucumbers, and maybe a bit of gin to keep the sorbet soft, if you have it around.  I know, I had to bring the CSA ingredients in here somewhere.  It's taken over my refrigerator, so of course it's taking over here too.  But just because I've been eating a greater variety of vegetables than I ever have in my life, doesn't mean I don't still have my sweet tooth.  Leave it to me to find a sweet use for cucumbers after my first disastrous attempt (failed sweet and sour chicken, no bueno).   
But with a growing collection (I added to this CSA cucumber when I picked two in my parents garden and realized my best idea for them was a garnish to my gin drink).  So I googled and here we are!  Cucumber mint sorbet.
To be honest?  It tastes like watermelon to me, light and fresh.  And I won't tell if you end up adding gin to it for a little adult slushie.  Eric and I totally cheers'd to that.
A food processor or blender is your best friend here.  And maybe hang out with a mesh strainer too.  Otherwise, this really is a super simple dessert.  And if you have popsicle molds?  Well I imagine this would work perfectly as a popsicle!  Leave a comment if you try it??
Cucumber Mint Sorbet*

3/4 cup water
3/4 cup sugar (150g)
handful of mint leaves, crushed a little
300g cucumber, peeled if desired but I didn't bother
1 tablespoon gin, this keeps it slushier, but it's not needed

Add the sugar, water, and mint to a medium sauce pan and heat over medium until the sugar is dissolved and the mint is fragrant (mine went about 5 minutes- the mint leaves were turning brown in the heat).  Let cool in the fridge at least an hour, but you really want this cold so let it go longer if desired.

Roughly slice up the cucumber and add it to a food processor (a blender will work, but the food processor will make quick work of this).  Puree until it's quite liquid-y.  Remove the mint leaves from the cooled syrup.  Add the cooled syrup to the food processor and blend until it's a nice uniform consistency.  Add the gin if using.

Strain the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve.  I didn't go crazy making sure I removed everything, but you can strain it a few times if you want it really smooth.

If you have an ice cream maker, add the mixture and churn according to the directions.  If not, don't fret!  Add the mixture to a tupperware container and set a timer to go off every 30 minutes so that you'll get up and rake the mixture with a fork so it doesn't freeze solid.  You'll have an ice-y texture instead of smooth, but it'll taste just as delicious!

*This is a game of proportions.  However much cucumber you have by weight, use half as much sugar by weight.  However much sugar you're using in cups (200g=1 cup for sugar), use an equal amount of water in cups.  Or just eat some of the cucumber until you have the right amount for the recipe!

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