Williams Reunion 2015

Umm I'm about a month behind with blogging, haha.  I've been cooking and photographing so much, but I've had a wedding every weekend for the past 3 weekends, there's been some traveling back and forth to NYC, and it's just been a busy summer in general.  So check out some awesome family pictures from the Williams Reunion in Sunderland, Massachusetts!
Sunderland is a small town, but it's right by UMass, which is where Eric went!  He toured me around the campus a bit, and we broke into his old frat house and saw his old room and struck quite a few poses in front of the house.  Also, please don't read all that graffiti, I cannot be sure it's safe for everyone's eyes.  I've seen the campus before, but hearing about his time there was cool.
We headed up onto Mt. Sugarloaf to eat some dinner with the McLaughlin crew before the big reunion the next day.  It was fun to have some time with the direct cousins and watch the sunset together.
Cole has been letting me take more pictures of him, usually in exchange for getting to use my camera.  I am hesitant to let him use it for long, it's just too heavy for him, but he really loves it and I just can't say no to this cutie!
 He couldn't quite see over the balcony, but he knew we were all there and waved!
I was also smart enough to bring my tripod this year (especially since I'm now usually in charge of the family photo), so we have a great McLaughlin group shot on Mt. Sugarloaf!
Wes and I taking some photos with the tripod ;-)
Look at that concentration.
And a gorgeous sunset on top of it.
We were all staying at the same hotel, and hung out down by the pool for awhile catching up.  Wes learned how to "hang out".
The next morning we went to the Amherst farmer's market to see Dad's cousin Lee, and to grab some food for breakfast. 
I snapped one picture of Cole before he asked to use my camera, so the next pictures are from him!
Love this.  Becky, as snapped by Cole.  Cole, as snapped by Becky.
I resumed control of the camera.
Once it got closer to noon, we headed over to Sunderland for the reunion!
 He clearly dates a photographer... always knows where the camera is.
We ate a ton, then everyone played.  Either with toy mowers...
 Or against one another in volleyball!
Farm living.
Like I said, I'm now in charge of the family photo each year.  I love it, and I take my job seriously!  I had my tripod all set up, and got these two gems of everyone!
Patti, Becky and I hung out with Wes a bit, then Cole came over and asked to use my camera again.  He got this great picture of Patti and Wes, then a slightly blurry one of us sisters.
Uncle Rich managed to get a picture of Cole taking this picture above.  Meta.
Luckily, we got someone who could handle the heavier camera and got a great picture of us together!
 Here is Wes smiling for his picture, haha
 Then laughing because we're all laughing at his "smile".
The difference in feet cleanliness for whether you played volleyball or not...
When the reunion was winding down, we headed to the Williams Farm Sugarhouse to stock up on maple syrup.  The sugarhouse is only open during maple syrup season, and I've never been inside when it's open.  Well, we usually buy out the stock of maple syrup from Richardson's Candy Kitchen (owned by another cousin of my dads), but this year they opened up the sugarhouse just for us!  We bought a lot of syrup and made it worth their while, trust me!
(PS- I love that Cole is willing to be in pictures again!  Even if it's pictures he wasn't meant to be in, haha)
Once we were stocked up on maple syrup and candy, we headed back up to "the pool", for the after-reunion-party!  More hanging out, and some cooling off in the pool :-)
It was another wonderful reunion!  Can't wait to see everyone next year!

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