Sunflower Fields Forever

Last summer, a few of my friends were posting pictures near this gorgeous sunflower field.  I made a mental note to come back this summer, and somehow the stars aligned and I remembered to look up the location this year.  Turns out September was actually the time to visit, so I texted Patti if she wanted to come with to a sunflower field.  She texted "of course, when?"  Luckily she didn't ask where, because it was like an hour north, but we packed up the boys and headed to the sunflower field.
I've written about Cole's adverse reaction to having his picture taken, and this time was no exception.  No amount of cajoling would change his mind, even offering a trade to let him use my camera.  We still got a few cute pictures of him, and of course Wes was hamming it up, smiling and jumping for the camera and trying to hug his brother.  It was exactly them, and I loved playing in the sunflower field with them :-)
We accidentally parked in the wrong place (well, at least not where everyone else had parked), so we had a great time wandering around the fields without a ton of other people for awhile, but in the end I had to go and get the car without Patti and the boys, and I was a bit distracted by the sunset...  Sorry for the delay guys, but I did it for the pictures!  Enjoy the photo series below :-)
Can't wait to go back next year :-)

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